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  1. Are you sure? Once it took me up to the last second to beat GLaDOS (in the original levels) and she didn't use a phrase like "infinite capacity for knowledge" or anything like that. And yeah, I cracked up in the actually broken test chambers with sound clips from the "impossible" level from the original.
  2. SPOILER WARNING . . . That was amazing! I like how you made the blue and red particle walls like in the flash game and how you remade the 2D puzzles in 3D. I never would have gotten past the new test 40 if I didn't remember from the flash game! And I do think the "broken portal gun" at the end was a nice touch. Your reuse of GLaDOS' voice in all the right places made it feel like a prequel, and the puzzle where you have to quickly avoid several crushers brougt up memories of playing the flash game. I like the new icons you used to represent new puzzle elements, and when I was done I felt like I did when I beat the original Portal! It's like an entirely new game! . . . P.S. is it just me, or did you make some new speech for GLaDOS, because there was some toward the end that I didn't recognise.