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  1. help me help you help me. do i just make a new folder? then rename it to what? P.S. GIVE ME MY COOKIE!!!!!!!*shoots*
  2. i meant portalgeek as in this p tfv
  3. after you do that could you explain what to do in English please?
  4. nope just first slice
  5. I cant find any bsp files..... I went to steam>steamapps>username>portal>portal>maps>soundcache, and all the files are manifest files.....: ( some1 plz help me. also I have hl2: dm and lost coast.
  6. @ neat-nit: I was too lazy too get one.
  7. k thanks ethan
  8. How do you get an avatar???
  9. Hey guys, I'm new here, this is my first post and I wanted to let everyone just kinda know I exist on these forums.I AM NOT A BOT!!!!!K just letting you know