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  1. http://www.justin.tv/koolfox#/w/375237360 Look as we are being idiots in a LAN Party, See if you can notice Hen, Dragy and me in there. Enjoy.
  2. The first Ambush music was made by Aidin, Tough, The second Ambush music was made by me.
  3. Nice observation but none of the instruments in that song are playing in reverse .
  4. The software I used for making all of NH2's music is FL Studio, and sometimes Sony Vegas for making the music for the trailers. About Aidin I'm not sure, though I know he has a keyboard he plays with.
  5. Uploaded the full version of the Boss Battle music, since many seemed to enjoy it very much: Also the Teaser's music: Anyway, thanks everyone who enjoyed my music , if you got any questions regarding the musics or the sounds even Fun fact: I did the voices for the zombies, by just screaming and growling in 2 AM...
  6. Also, I finished finished making the musics and the sounds for NH2 So, Code = 100% Music and Sounds = 100%
  7. Hey, I'm the Yoav Landau. I sent you the contact info so we can talk, cause I think that this piece of music that you made is amazing and sounds like you took it directly from a modern horror flick. I am very interested in working with you on the music for this game.
  8. Or maybe a combination between the two, like there's a long shadow running after you, and the source of the shadow is nothing but dark frame full of the darkness..
  9. Very cool idea to combine Portal with the Horror genre. I want to see how this mod will turn out in the end.
  10. I'm really happy with this trailer, also, the editing is completely awesome
  11. madk said: Koolfox, where art thou? I found this wonderful piece of free software called famitracker for making 8-bit music, but my lack of talent really shows on the songs I've made with it so unless you have something you prefer, famitracker is pretty easy to get ahold of. Sorry for taking so much time to reply, my mistake, I sent you a PM with my MSN, so I can send you some tunes in private without the need to upload so much.
  12. Alright, Koolfox here, I am interested, and I can write some 8-bit music for you, but as a a question for starters, do you want me to do it Tracker style? I mean, using MODs and all. so a full 8-bit song will be something like 4kb instead of an MP3. just as a suggestion... and second, should I demake and make 8-bit music based on the original themes from the original FF tactics game?
  13. Hen7 said: Lost is a good show. Damn straight... the problem is that I can't wait until the next episode in Wednesday..
  14. Hen7 said: I drew a friend (koolfox) in the same style as my avatar: Thought I'd share. Thanks for these very sexy drawings of me. loved the one on the second from the left of the top line. but I used the one you see right now, which also a favorite.
  15. Zahmen said: Rocking Fortress is amazing. I made an account just to say that. Great job Koolfox, it actually flows like a real album, and not just a bunch of songs. Thanks dude , sorry for the 1 month delay for replying to you.