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  1. remember that on bring your daughter to work day is the perfect time to have her tested
  2. i want a gamecube emulator so i (used to ) have a dolphin gamecube emulator but i dont know how to get the roms or torrents or whatever they are called. does anybody know how?
  3. 13 years old
  4. im a new registered user
  5. i have the game its just pure (mostly) white except for the border of what portal shot color
  6. i played it back then. it was one of my favorite games. now its kinda boring (no offense)
  7. takeshi60: i like the Japanese name Takeshi and also from the anime igpx main character Takeshi Jin the 60 comes in cause it kinda rhymes and its one of my favorite numbers
  8. its a funny video using gmod I DID NOT MAKE THIS credits goes to leetworld for submitting the video on youtube.
  9. would it be better if there was a way to say or type (you get the idea) where you want go for automatic and another mode you do manually ( you put where you want)?