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  1. Well to be honest I wanted to see if anything new has happened and then I checked out the forums. I was almost overwhelmed with nostalgia because I used to spend so much time in here.
  2. Hey everyone, I don't know if any of you remember me but I used to go here a lot. I don't if I'll be staying but I thought I'd pop in and see how everyone is doing.
  3. Yeah, where's the download link. I want to play it now.
  4. Well, I've been gone for a while and quite inactive but now I'm back and want NH2.
  5. YOU FAIL I'm guessing 10.
  6. I take that as an insult.
  7. I'm 14 . Just be glad I don't act my age.
  8. I'm not lowering my guard just yet.
  9. Tensions are rising around here. Shit is going to get real bad real soon.
  10. I am the 1000th poster. let me write something worth your time. The world will not end after this post.
  11. got my tf2 mousepad in today

  12. I leave for a week and this is what happens?
  13. Well, I'm off to summer camp, won't be back for a week so enjoy not having me here while it lasts.
  14. Opening poster, or in the video game world, Over-powered.
  15. That .gif made my day, that was great.