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  1. Well to be honest I wanted to see if anything new has happened and then I checked out the forums. I was almost overwhelmed with nostalgia because I used to spend so much time in here.
  2. Hey everyone, I don't know if any of you remember me but I used to go here a lot. I don't if I'll be staying but I thought I'd pop in and see how everyone is doing.
  3. Yeah, where's the download link. I want to play it now.
  4. Well, I've been gone for a while and quite inactive but now I'm back and want NH2.
  5. YOU FAIL I'm guessing 10.
  6. I take that as an insult.
  7. I'm 14 . Just be glad I don't act my age.
  8. I'm not lowering my guard just yet.
  9. Tensions are rising around here. Shit is going to get real bad real soon.
  10. I am the 1000th poster. let me write something worth your time. The world will not end after this post.
  11. got my tf2 mousepad in today

  12. I leave for a week and this is what happens?
  13. Well, I'm off to summer camp, won't be back for a week so enjoy not having me here while it lasts.
  14. Opening poster, or in the video game world, Over-powered.
  15. That .gif made my day, that was great.
  16. Yeah that sounds good, It's taking forever to install.
  17. I'm back from work now, the only problem is I need to install the game. Game isn't released until 5 now.
  18. Iggle, since OZ cant make today's game, there's an open slot for your friend.
  19. Game moved to 4 because the game is released at 3 and I want to give people a chance to install it first.
  20. Alright, so i have the team assembled. It's as follows: Ozpruductions Iggle Elitehakor and myself. The game will be around 2pm EST tomorrow so be sure to be on steam. I'll have another game later in the day for other people who want to play.
  21. Hey, when alien swarm comes out on Monday, anyone want to get a game together with me?
  22. Release it on the 24th and I will donate my kidney if one of the team members has a kidney failure. But I'll be in D.C that day so maybe the 21st.(the 24th is my birthday)
  23. You're post just made my day. I hate iCarly.
  24. I will quest to find all the easter eggs in the mod.
  25. A 3D skybox is well... Just google it.