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  1. informed, offered $$$$$$ for it, same difference >.>
  2. ... 6152.phtml look's like they're out to steal his work. good thing it was announced today (sarcasm on the stealing, i know hen was informed )
  3. I have to say, when I downloaded this map pack, I only expected the maps used in the flash version (2d, not much too them). I love how things were twisted up with this version. Yes I did beat it. I'm pretty much a Portal expert, having clocked in too many hours to count now, and having beaten the game multi-segmented in 18 minutes. This was the first challenge I had in a long time, and it was fun, because I knew whenever I was stuck, it wasn't something that was impossible, it was just me doing something wrong. Having that mindset, it took me about 4 hours to beat the game, and I was rushing through it too. I won't give it away for those who haven't played yet, but the boss battle at the end is EPIC. It's the first DIFFICULT boss battle I've done in a LONG time. It's hard because you don't know the level, so you're trying to figure out where to go. I saw the slime pit, and thought that was his death......nope. Great job designers, coders, mapers, hackers, modders, w/e and whoeever worked on this. I could not believe after playing this that this was made by people other then valve. 9001/5 P.S I'm confirming...after playing through it all, that you don't need half-life 2 installed to play this, only deathmatch (which I assume means you only need the hl2 files somehow installed, no matter which game it may be), which can be obtained for free LEGALLY from , but only if you have a nVidia graphics card (i think) I hope this gets widespread. I found it while surfing around, and randomly came across it. Good fun.