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  1. lol nope why?
  2. I have a XFX Geforce GTX 285 1GB video memory. A good dual core processor 4gb of ram so i should be ok =)
  3. hey good idea but why did u need to make a new post there was already an ideas section.
  4. Im still here im just looking at other mods aswell maybe like l4d, but still cant wait to play this
  5. nice that did look scary
  6. i thought you got it when it came with the orange box.
  7. i dont know if you can play it without steam because i locate it out of the sourcemods folder in my steam directory have a look if you have a sourcemods folder.
  8. do you have css or do you want to play the original nightmare house?
  9. oh yeah kwl the ep2 engine has better graphics so this mod will look even better because the shaders and such
  10. there some good ideas i like the 1 saying dont turn around that would be scary but maybe it only happens to you if you do turn round.
  11. well i was expecting to get out and get away in your car thats why is shocked me really bad. plus i was playing it at 12am at night lol
  12. oh sorry to hear what did you try it on garrysmod because there is a fix to make it appear in the entitles section. The fix is in the link just scroll down to the description I have found something else you could add or use for ideas. Its the little girl from the game fear i thought it might be good because she scares you in the actual game Here is the link http://www.garrysmod...a=view&id=17877 Im not sure if it would work but it could be an idea.
  13. maybe for some ideas for a ghost use this http://www.garrysmod...a=view&id=43055 its like a ghost snpc that someone made.
  14. http://www.insmod.net/ here you go.
  15. Remind your of what insurgency is that modern infantry combat thing. Its a good mod aswell