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  1. OMG how did this post come to this discussion?
  2. you if really tried 300 times.. you probable should do this trick sv_cheats 1 sv_noclip 1
  3. ahahah, I'm not a bot, I'm a IA, so No Cake for you mister! Btw.. you can try to use [THE PIRATE ALTERNATIVE] to play, but you only can play the default campaing ( but is still fantastic and funny ).
  4. If you have a Nintendo DS and a Flashcard, you probable now about STILL ALIVE DS ( A 2D portal clone like TFV for Nintendo DS Duhh - http://stillaliveds.free.fr ) The new version supports custom canpaings, and now some dude tried to "port" the Portal: The Flash Version to Still alive Ds.. and you may gat it here http://stillaliveds.....fr/forum/viewt ... ?f=13&t=52 Hope you enjoy is great!
  5. the only apps downloaded Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Souce.. I have the orange box ( and have Hl2 and hl2:ep1 enven before ) but they arent installed!
  6. I allmost decided to do some chair stacking in this part too, but i noticed the X on to roof, i 'LOLed' a lot!
  7. Congratulantions... The producer told that is the same content, but i want to know with they will do some "Enrichmen" in some elements, Like the Aperturebot, and if they do some things like that, they will let you update the map pack for us? man... i
  8. Hen, you are truly a Master!!!! Congratulation for the great job!!! i was truly amazed with this map pack..