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  1. TheNoiseExplosion said: I'm telling you I don't remember how I solved it, and I'm not playing all the way through the mappack again just to see how to do that one part. All I can say is it's all about timing. You took my statement literally. When I said "tell me about it" I didn't mean explain it to me, I meant "Yeah, I agree with you!!". Doesn't matter because I figured it out. Its not about timing, unless a person wants to jump and hope to get lucky. A better way to get past this point is step half way into the portal and wait for the platform to pass underneath. The example in the walkthrough is not the best because the margin of error is too tight to be a realistic/good solution; it works, but requires 100s of attempts and depends luck, not skill. In the end, I was looking for a harder solution than was required. So I really only have myself to blame for not seeing a better solution than the one provided in the walk through. And I shall note, there is yet an even better way than the way I solved it, which is even simpler and more elegant for which I am really a bigger dumb ass for not seeing that one too!
  2. TheNoiseExplosion said: I got stuck on that part so many times, but I can't exactly remember how to do it. Tell me about it; I am still stuck there! It appears the of the timing of the jump has to be perfect and then you have to get a shot off through the hole in the ceiling. What I don't like about the design of this chamber is that the designer didn't allow for more than one solution. There is only one solution and that requires perfect timing when jumping. 1-2 milliseconds off and you're dead.
  3. Thx. Anything more specific, I am well over 300 attempts and have only landed on the moving platform twice, but never got a shot off through the hole in the ceiling This is the first time I have ever had to use a walkthrough when playing portal, so I am not one to resort to asking for suggestion without spending a far amount time hammering on it. My concern is that the timing of the jump is a matter plus/minus of 1-2 milliseconds, which really translates to more luck than skill.
  4. Walkthrough 4a: OK, I'm pretty good at solving Portal puzzles without too much help, but I can't get past Test Chamber 36. So far I am unable to figure out the trick of making the leap through the portal at 4:36 into the walkthrough 4a. Every time I leap through the portal I end up dead in the toxic acid waste (or whatever that goop is).