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  1. Hi Guys! I was laying around and thought about something for your upcomming mod (NH2). i was thinking of an "Fear-Line" that goes up when you come near traps and so on. and when the fear-line is full, your screen gets all dissy and get an "heart pumping" and an "breath" sound! what do you think? (sorry for my bad english, im german)
  2. NeatNit said: Yes. What actually happened is at the last moment, all our brains started to work to their 100% and we all started imagining the rest of our lives. It's as if time stopped until we all die in our imagination. I lol'd !
  3. Well, its "Tomorrow" now... and did we die? :/
  4. Hello Guys! First, i am very speachless of your Mod. It kicks Ass! My Idea (Sorry if i write something non sense, my English is not that good): You walk a long Corridor until you see a Girl. You try to follow her and she walks through a Door. The Door is locked! You walk away. The Door opens slowly and you go in. There is another Door, covered in Blood. You open it. There is the Girl hanged with a Picture in her Hands. When you go to the Picture, you hear a little Girl crying in the other Corner. When you walk to her, the Screen flashes and the Girl stands infront of you (Only for 1 or 2 Seconds). When the Screen flashes again, the Girl dissapeared with the Voice:"". After that, you walk out of that room, there are now 2 Zombies. This is my Idea. Thank you!