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  1. player comes across a door; door is shaking violently (large banging noises etc; maybe human, dog or some sort of creature) ... player opens door nothing is there. or have someone crying for help instead of seeming hostile giving the player incentive to go and open the door.
  2. hexpunK said: What sort of problems are they? Mega compiling errors or it just dying on startup, because there is a chance Valve have killed it with the recent updating. well ive been getting the really annoying 'game is unavailable' bs on quite a few of my games, i kno how to fix it but it takes like 30min or so depending on how stupid steam decides to act
  3. sigh* ever since i started this thread ive been having non-stop SDK problems its really starting to get annoying T_T so i got sick of trying to fix it and played games instead ... maybe ill actually get it fixed this week and get a good mapping session done ...maybe
  4. i have it installed but i think i only played it once... my friends keep wanting me to play l4d with them : P
  5. elitehakor said: Hen7 said: Lol mapping. I made my house in the past, never finished. I'm try to make your school or something? Your house is bigger than mine :/ read the top - its for nh1:remake :]
  6. TheNoiseExplosion said: I've always thought of recreating my school. Maybe you could do something like that. Also, I think eventually I'm gonna make my house. i actually i have tried that and got the front done and then my hd had to fail T_T i think i might retry it making it tho or at least a simplified version
  7. alright, i make maps out of boredom and ive been running low on ideas lately so does anyone have any map ideas that i can use to waste time? ive been mostly just trying to re-create my house which can be a pain sometimes so another project which i can jump too when thats pissing me off would be nice. keep in mind im not very good and am mostly just messing around and trying to figure out how things work - but i think i have majority of the basics down so it should be fine :] ill prob put up some screenshots of what ive done later - when i actually make some screenshots -harr edit** oh and if anyone else wants to post some of what they've done then np go right ahead keep things tidy in one thread right? ..... whoops sorry if one already exists, i never even thought of looking until now... : /
  8. idea - a room with a male/female strapped into a chair (and or bed) covered in tubes, wires, and equipment something medical related, it is supposed to be a 'hospital' after all - so basically an ICU ward except they look more android-ish than human and maybe looking similar to stalkers - anyways something creepy that could litter various rooms, maybe startle a couple people with there screams and various amounts of twitching/seizures : >
  9. ok i got some ideas here ahem- idea #1 start off with a room very similar to the first NH; i think this would work best with where you get the shotgun- as they go to grab the weapon as anyone who has played the game knows the zombie bursts from the door.. well how about instead of from that door it bursts through the wall where the player is most likely to hide against since they may remember that "oh yea this is just like the first NH and the zombie is gunna come from there" mean while this is all going to go against them as the zombie pops up from behind them. Now the room doesnt have to be the same but similar even possibly smaller then the original. idea #2 second idea is the player walks into a room (maybe cluttered maybe not im not sure which would be better)- then the door slams behind them with the walls closing in around them (and of course the main 'ghost' laughing hysterically). but at the last moment they stop and from there im not sure... maybe the floor breaks from under them, or the room returns to its original state w.e you can come up with something right? : D oh and i also thought the idea of someone appearing behind a window pane as you get close to it was a great idea for whoever said it earlier i forget who it was tho but anywho to add to that how about the window is on the second floor *dun dun duun* : D also to make anything creepy add a character exactly like "Salad Fingers"~ XD
  10. i found the part with the moving pistons the most annoying/hardest =__= am i weird? : O
  11. I think this would be alright if i post this here but w.e : / im sorry if im wrong : P anywho to get to the point i just finished playing NH2:remake and to make a couple of suggestions... i have two so nothing crazy and they both involve this room which temp101 had a problem with http://wecreatestuff...wtopic.php?t=36 #1- i had the same problem of finding the door in the floor; but i did eventually so its not a huge deal but i spent like 2min hitting it with the axe and then realized you hit 'e' and felt like an idiot =__= anywho what im trying to say is that it wasnt really that obvious; at first i thought it was a portrait that fell since it happens about 8 times throughout the game >_> #2 this room is flawed sorry to say it but i expected something to happen so the first thing i did was jump on the boxes immediately to the left, this caused the two fast zombies which fell from the ceiling to stand there and kinda just look at me -hah ... led-10.jpg anywhoo- i know you wouldnt bother to remake the remake but just keep it in mind for NH:2 that u cant get out of sticky situations and to make doors in the floors (and if done; ceilings) slightly more obvious, but i must be honest its kinda good to make the person wander back and forth sometimes, yes some find it annoying, but it makes gameplay seem longer and forces me to problem solve so i start thinking weirder things on how to move on to the next room . But on a good note NH:remake was 100% more scarier and more enjoyable than the first : D i really enjoyed it and hope NH2 comes out soon -harr