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  1. Hey guys, I played some Interlocked, it's hecka fun. I wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone.
  2. Been obsessively playing Fallout: New Vegas. It's absolutely great, and I love the similarities between it and the first two Fallout games.
  3. My computer is finally fixed! NOW TO PLAY GAMES AGAIN.
  4. Hey guys, my computer's in the shop, but I thought I'd find some way to stop by in the meanwhile. Got a mandolin for Christmas and I love it to death, playing it until my fingers can't take any more. P.S. Ethan, those pictures... It's almost disgusting
  5. Okay, TNE, I mean this with no offense, but you were gone?
  6. Ruanito, it's called a Menorah. I absolutely love the holiday season in its entirety. However, I do live in a largely Christian household, so the most I'll be doing for Hanukkah is spinning a dreidel.
  7. Ergh, half of me thinks that you should keep it, the other half of me thinks of the iPod(s) that I've lost or had stolen... MENTAL CONUNDRUM. Guess I'd better not think about it ever again.
  8. Now, this has probably been brought up before, but does anyone here play Minecraft? I've been doing it for a while, but I've been absolutely hooked this weekend. One of my friends set up a multiplayer server, too, and we've made a fairly awesome area.
  9. I hear about that movie a LOT because the director went to my high school.
  10. Ethan: I honestly haven't thought about the longevity, but I don't really care to do it forever, just as long as I have things I want to say. No update schedule, since my computer's barely alive and I can only use it for one hour at a time periods. The pun is that it's not "topical"
  11. So, I feel like I should share this deeply personal information with you guys: I've started a blog. I know, feel ashamed of me. It's about Facebook, but I haven't managed to make it either topical or funny yet. And there are only two posts. However, feel free to check it out at
  12. Oooooh, LabView. Good times, good times...

  13. If you've got a few extra that you wouldn't mind spending, I really need a calculator watch for reasons that I can't disclose.
  14. Aaaaaaaaah. Useful.