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  1. 360 has better models for the same price.
  2. YA MON
  3. Should have stuck with a PC.
  4. They not only have a 7-star hotel, but also a building that changes shape. Half of the world's cranes are there, building things. Cranes as in machines, not birds.
  5. Man, Dubai does some CRAZY awesome stuff.
  6. If I had money, I would have bought you a gift.
  7. I'm not sure, but I think I just accidentally deep throated a banana for five dollars.
  8. I couldn't get it to work. I forgot what I did last time to get it to work, and I was going to look up what it was I did, but I got distracted, started playing Fallout, and suddenly hours had passed. I'M SORRY!!! I blame Bethesda Softworks.
  9. With some spurring on by iggle, I have decided to play L4D2 again. BANG BANG BANG BANG.
  10. Your website is definitely improving Some problems: 1. You can't click on the words in the links to the ModDB page or the Projects page. 2. When you do click those links, you can't scroll in the windows that pop up. 3. The Tutorials page gives a 404. Otherwise, it's doing good!
  11. Ziggy - Not really, I'm already a band manager. *SMIRKS AT AUDIENCE* About the Robotics thing - Our team is doing VERY well compared to other years. I'm on the programming team, and we already have the basic shell of our code done. We are completely planned out and the frame has been built and our pneumatics are started on. ALL IN ONE WEEK. EDIT: XKCD ( just did a comic about the FIRST Robotics Competition, using an idea that has been bounced around quite a bit in my team.
  12. Yeah! I am too! I've been doing it for a few years now. It's a good experience at my school. WOAH.
  13. Experts deem it unintelligible.
  14. Sorry to continue off of the topic, but I never liked the idea of "leaving a forum". Why not just avoid it a little bit, post when you want and don't when you don't? It seems like a little too much fanfare, but at least he didn't make a big deal about it. He will be missed. R.I.P. .eXeC! Civilized, proper, smart, and had an extremely sexy accent.
  15. Game: Orange Box Mod: If I say Portal: TFV Mappack do I get extra credit? (It's really the only mod I've played)
  16. I remember people by their smell.
  17. Tomorrow is going to be my third consecutive snow/cold day from school.
  18. Hey iggle, where do you live? A foot a week sounds AWESOME. This is currently the second snowiest winter in the history of Kansas City, and we still have 18 inches on the ground. Normally we top off at about 4 inches.
  19. Your name makes me think of a punkster who's peircings are all hex wrenches
  20. I folded your mom's proteins! And now it's time for the STUPID QUESTION OF THE DAY What's Google Wave? Note: I did not actually fold your mom's proteins, but I will not comment on whether or not I synthesized her ATP.
  21. I agree completely.
  22. I don't really see what information Athiesm or Agnosticism would need to get out. It's basically the absence of an organized church, and an absence of ideas. THere's no set of ideas that they need to spread.
  23. As in you're still in middle school? Oh man, that's rough times. Yeah, homophobia everywhere.