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  1. I dunno, depending on the game, sometimes I just enjoy watching people play it.
  2. I use mine quite a bit, but it's a lot of inside jokes and comments to people I personally know.
  3. I remember my temp ban. It was awesome.
  4. I don't have anything else constructive to say, so I'm just going to leave it at Force feedback.
  5. More blog posts. Electric blowjobs.
  6. I'm being serious. I don't mean to mini-mod, but you just antagonized a new member who had an honest reason to post again, who is here looking for help for a problem.
  7. Ruanito, just stop.
  8. I saw the megadong there.
  9. It sounds dirty reading it half awake, too.
  10. Sorry for the double post, but this warrants it. MY REVIEW OF SHUTTER ISLAND: What. AFTER THOUGHTS: Aaaaaaaaah.
  11. Just look it up on youtube, some of them are quite funny.
  12. The same way that it's tasted for the past 30 years.
  13. So, it's like 5 Clicks To Jesus, except more difficult? I'll post some of mine in a bit.
  14. I'm currently watching the 2nd one, and I cracked up at this line: "Ooh, a CAT Scan machine, let's give it a go! WHRRRR, YOU HAVE BRAIN CANCER"
  15. I ran out of my positive votes for the day, so I'm here to say that this is a-freakin-mazing.
  16. That cake would require a metric buttload of fondant.
  17. Wow. Wow wow wow. I've never really played a horror game before, and I completely loved this. For the most part, I was scared most of the time, especially in two parts: 1. When your flashlight will only blink and you have to find your way around. 2. THE SHADOWS. I almost started crying they scared me out of my wits AWWWMAGAAAAWD.
  18. I saw Inception a third time and IT'S STILL GOOD.
  19. I don't think that it has much of a mental effect, but if you already have (I can't think of the good word for this) a pre-existing danger of a condition, any sort of altered state is not good. Also, I'm tired so if my sentences sound simple then thats because they are.
  20. I personally don't have an opinion either way on the subject, since it doesn't really affect me. However, it has definitely come to my attention that it definitely didn't go over to well in Colorado, and that wasn't anywhere near legalized. The fact is about me, and a fact that I find really flippin' cool, is that with my family's history of schizophrenia on both sides, it is true that an altered state of consciousness would get me closer and closer to being a schizo. It's happened twice now in my family for that reason. It's not because of the drugs, but the drugs can trigger it. Ain't that just SO cool?
  21. Ah. I thought that it referred to any sort of death due to weed in any way. My bad. I get the jist of what you were saying. It's like how 3 people a year die from the things at the end of shoelaces, but not from wearing them.
  22. One thing I would like to touch on. That whole "No deaths have ever been recorded from Cannabis". I call shenanigans. I'm not trying to refute your evidence, it's just my thinking that if 3 people a year die from choking on the little plastic bits on the end of shoelaces, then people have died from potojuana. I'm not saying it's a big number, I'm just saying "haha what."
  23. Not particularly, and I might remind you I was around during the "Anyone here smoke?" thread. Although I only had like 2 posts. EDIT: Well, I just looked at that thread again. And Ethan continues to make me seem gay. It's weird, because the thread made me angry when I was younger, but now all of the posts seem at least slightly not-stupid (With the exception of CAAAAAKE of course). And as to your actual question, my views on drugs are... Complicated.
  24. Ethan, I need you to do something stupid so that I can stop sounding really gay for you.
  25. Once again Ethan has made the argument I meant to make, twice as fast and ten times as well-worded.