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  1. Have I yet mentioned that Bioshock Infinite is really dumb?
  2. Just wanted to quickly let Ethan know that I love his avatar now that I read it.
  3. Stack wooden boxes? Either I'm forgetting something or you did it way differently than I did.
  4. I need to make a short off-topic post: Eric Fong, are you on the Black Mesa Source forums too? If not, there is someone with the same name then.
  5. Is there a button, like a caps lock or a switch on the keyboard that makes it go from English to Hebrew and vice versa?
  6. I just typed a reasoning as to why we love your accent, but it made me sound really really effeminate. So I typed this instead. BALLS Because it's not immature if it's to the point of parody, right? Right?
  7. Don't worry .eXeC!, it was a good thing. It was a very good thing.
  8. Have I ever played L4D with you? I've played CSS with some of you guys, but I only remember .eXeC!'s voice. And my god, that was one heck of a voice.
  9. But iggle, I AM 17, you were correct.
  10. I thought that Elite was older because of his grammar and how he acts. I thought that Ethan was younger because of how he looks, but he acts his age if not older.
  11. 24? And iggle, did you think I was approximately 13 or 21?
  12. I'm 17. Wow, I always thought that Ido was so much older than me. And I kinda thought that Ethan was younger, by like 2 or so years, no offence. And I DEFINITELY thought that EliteHakor was older than me.
  13. Me too. Wow, going into 12th grade. And Hen is like 60.
  14. My God. Inception was just as good the second time. And I completely understood everything, too.
  15. Post revoked for unneccessariness.
  16. I'm almost afraid to post my normal sarcastic response...
  17. Love abounds
  18. OZ, lay off the craaaaaaaaaack.
  19. Wait, Echoes is actually out? I thought you were kidding! HOLY BALLS, I'm off to go echo and stuff.
  20. Hey guys, I'm back! Things I did this week copy-pasted directly from my facebook: Climbed 4 fourteeners (14,000 foot mountains) in 5 days, saw a moose, got lost in the wilderness, punched a cloud, looked DOWN at a rainbow, fished oh so many trout. AM ECKOES OUT YET?
  21. Oh, yeah, it's cool when HE says it.
  22. I just had a birthday like one has planned rape; Not well, but I knew that it was coming.