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  1. Now it's AFD for me! Hooray! Sadly, I completely forgot until today, so no big pranks for me...
  2. Same Here... Wait, you don't have school? LUCKY
  3. Completely changing the subject (Oh well that's what this thread is for) Starting today/tomorrow/the day after that one, I will begin training myself to be able to chug Tobasco sauce while riding a unicycle! HOORAY!
  4. Not sure how you can really eat ice cream without spine. Spine flavored is the only kind I EVER get.
  5. I've recently been interested in getting my five bucks worth on Garry's Mod, but plain and simply, I really don't know what to do. I'm a beginner at it and it's so open ended and such. I've had some fun joining random servers and blowing up things on my own, but... So my question(s) is(are): What should I do? What should I download? What mods should I mod the mod? Et Cetera? Thanks for any input!
  6. Sweet. Do you particularly suggest any?
  7. Happy 800th post, TNE! P.S. I finally got an avatar!
  8. I'm posting nothing in particular! My life is SO meaningful!
  9. Sorry, I was too distracted by Hen's sneaky spying. MY BAD.
  10. Ideas: Generally any way to make it smell bad. Buy some shrimp. Put them EVERYWHERE YOU CAN FIND. Flower pot? SHRIMP'D. Doormat? SHRIMP'D If you can get inside then throw yourself a party because IT MIGHT AS WELL BE THE SHRIMPS BIRTHDAY. They start stinkin up in no time. If all else fails disguise as an enemy TV Repairman, put a sapper on the dog, and backstab the crepes out of them. EDIT: P.S. Is Hen disguised as himself???
  11. Does that include the new Valve logo? (Valve on back of head?) I probably shouldn't support the competition...
  12. That bacon picture just might have changed my view of the world...
  13. Name: Verde Flash Steam Account: http://steamcommunit...561197994376919 Submission: Best Garry's Mod Rube Golberg Device (could submit pictures or a video if able. Or the actual file. )
  14. This seemed to be the perfect thread to introduce myself! I've been here a few months now, but my old ISP wouldn't let me post. HI EVERYONE Big fan, big fan...
  15. First of all, I love the mappack, its my favorite Portal map so far. The only problem is after the boss fight, when everything's dark. The Battle-Mech's eye and the ventilation shaft are unussually bright. Here's the link (using my sister's photobucket): ... roblem.jpg It's the only problem the Mappack's had for me, and it messes up the most important point in the game. If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know.
  16. I'm in awe of that intense posting. I may start bowing involuntarily.