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  1. Hey guys, heads up, I'm leaving for about a week to go hike down and up the Grand Canyon. See y'all later.
  2. Oops! My bad! All apologies, OZ, here's +1 Rep to make up for my hostilities.
  3. How is that comment productive or relevant?
  4. Cool kid alert.
  5. Then don't call it crap.
  6. It says that I'm not cool enough to watch.
  7. I'd agree with Ethan, but I've been agreeing with him a lot recently, so instead I will just say DICKS Don't worry, I'll stop with the dicks thing. It just seemed necessary.
  8. Man, looking at the old versions of some websites really bring me back...
  9. Witty and educated retort: That's dumb.
  10. I don't see why you guys would really want to be mods. I personally would not want a job like that. And Ethan can handle anything we can throw at him so far. Not that I'm going to try and be really obstructive or innapropriate. P.S. DICKS
  11. This is the closeset thing we've had to forum drama since the smoking thread.
  12. I know that I can google it, but it's good to get some perspective, cause I often enjoy you guys's opinions.
  13. What is Alan Wake, exactly?
  14. Heh. Heh. You said knickers. But in all seriousness, I'm about to go ride 100 miles on a bike. Since I want to be culturally sensitive, that's 161 km.
  15. Sometimes I Agree with THAT statement.
  16. FIX'D
  17. Touche
  18. Sadly, since this IS the internet, he can probably just google or Know Your Meme them. And I can safely say as internet-savvy as I am, I don't know all three.
  19. And the writer is really pretentious, they're so darn verbose, and the faces always look like this: B^U
  20. I personally read XKCD, Surviving the World, and Buttersafe. EDIT: Forgot the obvious ones, PvP and Penny Arcade.
  21. Wait, whaaat? A mod, I assume...
  22. Yes. Yes you can.
  23. I already have World of Goo and Gish, and I feel bad for not paying very much on those things. Should I still buy? I would probably pay 5 to 10 dollars. Mission, Kansas, USA. Smackdab in the middle of the heartland. P.S. It feels weird knowing that you guys know what I look like now. But then again, I do know what Ethan, Hen, and Ido look like...
  24. Ever wonder why my avatar has a unicycle in it? Because I freaking love to unicycle. I just bought a new one called a giraffe unicycle, which is a tall one. Here's some pics. And here's all of my unicycles:
  25. Don't tempt me