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  1. It's on my "Play Eventually" list.
  2. Welcome to the internet!
  3. Orange and a half
  4. But still, I think D3N1Z did a fairly good job of making the superfluous list suck less.
  5. It really was great. And apparently we soon get to find out what happened to the original 4 after L4D1 via comic, and we get to find out what happened after the comic via DLC.
  6. OH and I assure you that I will ONLY give a gift out of generosity occasionally, and asking is one way to not get one.
  7. Sometimes I really want a game at release, but I don't fool myself into thinking it won't drop later. I bought L4D2 for 50 bucks, and I'm okay with that.
  8. What the balls? We have a doppelganger. I wonder if there are slightly different versions of all of u--- Oh wait, never mind, it's crap.
  9. At the very beginning there is a lot of things that you can fall in. I really don't think Valve would put FP jumping puzzles with falling as the consequence in Portal that... Bluntly.
  10. He was dependent all day.
  11. It's amazing what people will do for some e-credit.
  12. Having never had the hardware that can play any FF after 6, I have spent many an hour working on the first three. As much as I normally dislike RPG elements like random battles and me dying a bunch, I love them a lot. OH, and my hard copies of Earthbound and FFIII (AKA FFVI) can net quite a pretty penny these days, so who knows how much they will be worth when I'm a cranky and decrepit old person.
  13. I hate to say it, but I think it's real.
  14. I personally do not like RPGs. However, there are a few that have endeared themselves. FFIII, Earthbound, and Fallout. Plus, Fallout is a very different RPG, and that's a very very narrowminded way of thinking of it. I DONT LIKE SOME RPGS IVE PLAEYD RPGS SUCK FALLOUT IS AN ARPEEGEE FALLUOT SUCSK
  15. I currently have played 1 and 3, and I love both. FO3 is still in my top 5 list for PC.
  16. I've been playing Fallout 1. I love love love it. I'm a little bit addicted. It's very tough though.
  17. Man, it is awesome outside. My family is big into gardening, and so am I, so I've been doing awesome lawn/garden stuff.
  18. I really think that's awesome. I love it when people come up with stuff like that.
  19. You guys are dumb for the rate thing + rate if you want but I really don't care
  20. I've at different stages of life played each, and now I'm playing SimCity 4. It's so very addictive to make a region now, instead of just one city.
  22. ig - HOLY BALLS thats a bunch Ethan - I think that the web-based desktops COULD end up being a very effective system, and if it catches on and is implemented correctly, could provide cheap-yet-higher-quality computers, at the expense of server space and bandwidth.
  23. Due to a HORRIBLY noticeable error in re-re-buying my computer, I ended up with 80 gigs, which I realy wish I had more than.
  24. Definitely one of my favorite idioms ever. I'm a nerd for words.
  25. Nah, I just wanted a place to bitch. Well, then there's no better place. Also, your new avatar is freakin' awesome. Is it obvious that I missed you yet? Gravity. HA.