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  1. And it's not like having your face available will suddenly give us your whereabouts and how-to-rape-you tactics sheet.
  2. Yeah, but I didn't even know we had a website...
  3. Oh man, iggle/penis, even the new kids are catching on. Also, what website?
  4. We're Team 937. We went to the Kansas City Regionals, obviously.
  5. My school's team didn't make finals at our regionals... We were in 2nd place (Out of 59) at one point, but we ended at 22nd due to an electrical problem that caused us to lose our last two games. But it was fun and definitely worth it. Just got home from it, btw.
  6. This reminds me of the movie Anger Management.
  7. Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down. I can sense some major rage and agression here.
  8. TNE, why all the hatred?
  9. TNE, is that a slam upon my character?
  10. I got the achievement... This is scary...
  11. It's completely amazing. This is exactly the thing I've been looking for a company to do.
  12. C'mon, penis, an "ORLY?"? I think someone with such an upstanding name, such as penis; which is you, penis; can come up with a better response. Penis, I want you to remember this, penis. The whole point of this, penis, is to make fun of your unwilling namechange by saying penis over and over again.
  14. You misquoted yourself in the past.
  15. Me being culturally unaware, what exactly is Purim? I heard costume and candy, so is it like Halloween?
  16. You do realize that this makes it completely fair for us to call you penis until those thirty days are through? Or Mr. Penis if you like that better.
  17. But if you're REALLY lucky you can get a roll of 1 on two dice.
  18. You should feel loved. But I don't think we're supposed to be here anymore. So you should feel sneaky.
  19. I completely understand. But that was one hot, sexy potato.
  20. It's like a game of hot potato. E-Hot Potato. EDIT: YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH
  21. I've got the feeling we're all conversing to attempt to get that coveted 100th page spot. EDIT: Darn.
  22. My Categories (It's like Local TV Jeopardy) team just got to finals! WOOT.
  23. I sure hope this is page 100. EDIT: At least I tried...
  24. Don't we replace the BS Thread when it reaches 100 pages? I TOTALLY WANT TO DO THAT. I'll keep watch.