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  1. ^I agree with this, to a certain degree^
  2. Man, I remember that page. Back when I was just a wee lurker. HOOO BOY. But no, the homepage is just fine. And actually, don't be offended... Actually, do be offended because offense gets a point accross, but don't go about posting MS Paint pictures, unless the situation specifically provides. Truthfully, it's "noobish". Hooo boy, this place has changed...
  3. (Assuming, and don't tell me if I'm wrong because ignorance is bliss, that I'm one of those "cool" people) I know. I mean, I don't HATE the new people on the forums (from iggle onward), I really miss all the people who left. When I got here (right after the CAKE incident) it was an awesome place. I've started going to other forums, but I'm not going to leave this one now.
  4. Darn, I miss all the action... I sure am excited for The Passing. It looks like a DLC that's gonna be REALLY GOOD.
  5. Or Ethan, he's here more. It was a debate topic, and I made a thread of Ravioli vs. Toenail Clipper. I wanted to have some serious debate on a non-serious issue. Also, Hen's recommendation of the program of ComboFix has saved the day for me once again.
  6. I just got a thread locked for the first time in another forum... A part of me died today...
  7. There are some Win32/Filename viruses that are REALLY tricky to get off of the compy. I had one, and Hen suggested some file and it completley fixed me up. I can't remember it though. It can't be too far back in the pages of this thread.
  8. Ethan, except for the movies thing, that just about COMPLETELY describes my views entirely.
  9. Photoshop is one thing that no one actually pays for. It's the opposite with people I know. They pirate everything BUT photoshop.
  10. And upon viewing iggle's newfound punctuation, The Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day.
  11. Everyone seems so fussed on FPS games these days. They don't really do it for me. I liked Boarderlands, Bioshock, Fallout, HL...the ones that are a bit different (I suppose they're all kinda RPG\FPS).But give me a cliché there's a war going on shooter and eh, it bores me. The industry focuses on a very small area of games, and I think it limits creativity (and therefore variety). I've never personally had a favorite genre of games. I have least favorite genres, such as RPGs (except for a few exceptions *COUGH* EARTHBOUND *COUGH*), but I am no die hard of any particular one. I have been playing a lot of FPS's lately because I am relatively new to the PC gaming scene and I'm just now getting my hands on the games that everyone raved about a few years ago. Speaking of which, I'm thinking of buying Deus Ex. I've heard that the game is better than Sliced Bread 2: Electric Boogaloo, but I don't know anything about it. Any comments/suggestions?
  12. OUTBURST TIME: Use capitalization, iggle! Use some GOSH-DARN capitalization!!!
  13. I ENJOY MY FLAB. Naw, I'm totally buff as I'm sure you all assumed.
  14. I dunno. While it looks much much much better than, it kinda screams "EyeToy". I mean, I would really like to try this if they can pull it off well. It COULD be the future of gaming. Who knows. I want to give it a chance. By letting someone else buy it and play it at their house.
  15. It's still my favorite engine though. It's just so... playable?
  16. New season of Important Things with Demetri Martin starts in like 3 minutes, in case any of you are currently online and enjoy that and get his show on your magic picture boxes.
  17. A horse, a duck, a priest, a rabbi, a prostitute, a travelling salesman, a mop, and 20 mushrooms walk into a bar and the bartender says "Is this some kind of joke?"
  18. Please don't bring me into this, D3N1Z, as deeply flattered as I may be.
  19. IGGLE GOT TOLD! Thank you, Ethan. No offense, iggle.
  20. These past few posts make me understand why the deserters have deserted.
  21. It's made by the same people.
  22. Yeah, but he won't come back so stop begging. Seriously, OZ? I'm not begging. When I see someone for the first time in a while, I don't go "I don't miss you".
  23. AntiHen looks like Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Jumper.
  24. Patacorow! WE MISS YOU