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  1. Bah! I am just retarded. It was not extracted well. I just cant fucken work with my computer Thank you anyway.
  2. I am not 100% where is their right place as it just says to extract this thing into portal/portal. So I did, is there more throughout explanation where things must go? Sorry to bother but seems that something is not going in the right place and is fucking up the thing.
  3. IMPORTANT: This mappack requires both Portal and Half Life 2 to be owned and installed in order to work. Just drop the content of the RAR file (the 4 folders) in ValveSteamsteamapps-youraccountname-portalportal and replace files if needed. Then load the game, go to Bonus maps and Load the the Mappack from the list. Ok so. I do have half-life 2. Installed. It says drop the contest of the 4 folders (sound,models,materials,sounds)? Is those the folders? I drop them in portalportal folder. Then I load the game and they do not show up in bonus maps. There is no (bonus map zip) file with this pack so I cannot import them. Can you give me some clues why it would not be working? Is it suppose to show up together with the original bonus maps? Evgeni