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  1. New front page

    lovely! feels so good to be back
  2. Uligos

    Pretty sweet, nice to see something different around here
  3. Want You Gone - Music Video

    love it
  4. @NeatNit anything seriously bad happen?

  5. mod team

    hey i want to help with the mod. the only thing i do is hand drawing levels so...i could do that if you need any help. also, voice acting is another possibility as i also do that too. thanks
  6. The Official BS Thread #3

    Dude! Your back! Welcome back man!
  7. The Official BS Thread #3

    IIRC If you're a citizen of Israel and you turn 18, you have to serve. Even if you are overseas. ah...well that sucks then :/ so...what happens if you are overseas and refuse to join? do you get deported or something like that?
  8. The Official BS Thread #3

    are you in University? surely they can't recruit you if your in studying, right? don't know how it is in Israel but that's how it is Russia
  9. Help

    you checked if those two files are in there?
  10. Vote Nightmare House 2 for MOTY

    It is done
  11. Halloween Costumes

    i'm going like this also I'll be wearing a white thing around my body
  12. NH2 discussion thread (only if you finished)

    awesome game! it bring loads of excitement when you play it, at least it did to me I especially loved the part when Romero got ripped apart, was really well done!
  13. Nightmare House 2 translation pack

    um...got a problem. I extracted the translated file into the 'close' file and the 'captioncompiler' file but it didn't create a DAT file and when I type in the command into the console, the translation doesn't work, in fact there are no subtitles what so ever. Help please?
  14. Nightmare House 2: On Steam Store

    alright, i got it wrong, no need to get stressy
  15. Nightmare House 2: On Steam Store

    yeah...not gonna happen mate. And even if it does, no one will buy it cause they can just download it from we create stuff for free. And anyway, what achievements are you gonna put in there???