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  1. I've heard that every year, all the game makers go to an IGN thing where the game made by them are rated. Apprantely, when Hen and Ido created Portal, it won the game award. So, steam thought it looked good and bought Portal off Hen and Ido and remade another one. That is why in the Portal trailer, the portals are purle and blue, not orange and blue and the levels are diffirent. (I wonder if you can still get that version?)
  2. lovely! feels so good to be back
  3. Pretty sweet, nice to see something different around here
  4. love it
  5. @NeatNit anything seriously bad happen?

  6. hey i want to help with the mod. the only thing i do is hand drawing levels so...i could do that if you need any help. also, voice acting is another possibility as i also do that too. thanks
  7. Dude! Your back! Welcome back man!
  8. IIRC If you're a citizen of Israel and you turn 18, you have to serve. Even if you are overseas. ah...well that sucks then :/ so...what happens if you are overseas and refuse to join? do you get deported or something like that?
  9. are you in University? surely they can't recruit you if your in studying, right? don't know how it is in Israel but that's how it is Russia
  10. you checked if those two files are in there?
  11. It is done
  12. i'm going like this also I'll be wearing a white thing around my body
  13. awesome game! it bring loads of excitement when you play it, at least it did to me I especially loved the part when Romero got ripped apart, was really well done!
  14. um...got a problem. I extracted the translated file into the 'close' file and the 'captioncompiler' file but it didn't create a DAT file and when I type in the command into the console, the translation doesn't work, in fact there are no subtitles what so ever. Help please?
  15. alright, i got it wrong, no need to get stressy
  16. yeah...not gonna happen mate. And even if it does, no one will buy it cause they can just download it from we create stuff for free. And anyway, what achievements are you gonna put in there???
  17. I wish I could help but I don't understand a fucking clue of any of this Although programming does sound fun
  18. could have an MP5 Navy as like a sub-machine gun. also in the game you could be walking down a dark corridor and suddenly, there's a flash and the ceiling behind you begins collapsing and like chases you as you run to get to the door in time and at the end of the corridor
  19. glad to be of assistance
  20. a Machete!!!
  21. yeah ok .SoJa, PM me and we'll talk on this
  22. Name: Anton 'zigibagidoo' Agejev Language: Russian I will translate the subtitles into Russian and will try and make them accurate.
  23. Yeah, if you want it just download it and save it to the C:\Valve\Steam\steamapps\[accountname]\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps. Then just load CSS up, 'Create Server' and then it will be named as 'untitled' and you can change the name by renaming the folder which you have downloaded, 'untitled.bsp', to anything you like. It's a very simple map with only 2 rooms and an open area with a bomb site. Can have up to about 26 people playing on it max. Click here to download it Here's a screen shot of it:
  24. Yeah...just say any improvements that need doing and say what you liked about it. Also you need Half-Life 2: Episode 2 to play it. You're gonna have to save it into the "C:\Valve\Steam\steamapps\[account name]\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\maps" folder if you wanna play it and then just start the game and load it in the maps list in the console. If anything is wrong with the link then...um...give me a shout and I'll try and sort it out. If anything is wrong with the file, give me a shout again. Here's the download link: The download link
  25. Yeah you start in sort of a box thing and go outside but the place is full of zombies and you can go under a water filled tunnel and get to the weapons room but also you can go to the top of the stairs and get and RPG. It's basically kill zombies and then kill yourself to start again. Not very interesting, I know but as I said, my first map. Ok...um...here are 2 screen shot's then.