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  1. Ok uploaded new version: http://rapidshare.co...les/163216551/p ... on-1.0.exe Fixed the stage select error, I don't know how to "unlock chapters" without editing the maps, so you will start out with all chapters unlocked.
  2. Hen7 said: Ok so I tested it, and I must say, I approve. I thought there will be bugs and other glitches that will lower the quality of the maps but yifanlu, you did a good job porting them to a mod. You have a go from me if you want to spread it. And I'm sorry for being arrogant. I'm just hoping you're still here. Thanks, and that's ok, I'm not mad or anything. I'll post the link to the mod I guess. Also while I'm here, I'll just say that these maps are really awesome, and would give it a 10/10, love the challenges and the new creative puzzles (although you probability known that already).
  3. Hen7 said: I don't remember giving you any permission to do that. I'm sorry, I just thought it would be cool. I didn't put my name anywhere though, I gave you credit for everything, but I will remove it if you want.
  4. Hello, I love this map pack, and played it for a while after beating Portal over 9000 times, so when Portal Prelude came out, I thought "Why not make Portal TFV into a mod?" So, I put all the files into a mod, added a animated background, and some icons, and its done! http://rapidshare.co...les/163216551/p ... on-1.0.exe Bugs: -I don't know how to do unlocking chapters, but I think you need to edit the actual maps, so you start with all chapters unlocked.