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  1. maybe you 2 can work together to fix this the way it should be fixed
  2. at the portal prelude board someone wrote: http://www.portalpre....com/forum/view ... 3121#p3121 "the stage select dont worx"
  3. @ hen7: i contacted yifan lu after i found this topic (with the removed first link) and he sent me the download link i installed it and the only problem i found was that the desktop shortcut didn't work ... so i let yifan lu know about this little problem and he fixed it and uploaded a new version which again i tested and it works! i am not sure yifan lu is in this forum but i'll email him about your reply and thank you for giving your ok !!!
  4. @ ethan795: yeah, thanks for your help! @ all: as 'portal the flash version' is still available and not only from the wecreatestuff website and as yifan lu is giving full credit to hen mazolski i don't see a problem in people running the mod version ... so here is the download: http://rapidshare.co...les/160096141/p ... on-1.0.exe p.s.: if there's any problem whatsoever with this post please contact me by pm so we can discuss the problem
  5. funny how people can waste time discussing about bumping or not but not having anything to add to the topic itself
  6. i think it is cool and it works fine for me i don't want to start an argument here but i don't see the problem: - the mappack can still be downloaded - all yifanlu's mod does is wrap the mappack into a mod so you can have - a desktop shortcut - the mappack showing up in the my games section of the steam client - the mappack separated from the normal portal - no need to start the mappack through portal - savegames from the flash version not mixed up with regular portal savegames - not only a desktop shortcut but a pretty cool one too overall i can't see one bad thing about what yifanlu did