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  1. Hey.. I just finished it.. And I just wanted to say... Thank you... This was sooo worth the wait! I cannot explain how much I love the events, the story the ending! Just to think about how much work you guys spent on this makes me feel so tiny... Awesome work y'all. You all deserve a cookie!
  2. Great way to lighten up the day before school starts!
  3. Good to hear that it's almost released! I just wanted to say that I appreciate the work of the entire team for this I'm really looking forward to playing this... and having to change pants a couple of times... Good luck guys!
  4. What do you mean? and yeah post the link. Also, found a few UNmajor bugs today while testing everything, so once the rest of the team is waking up I hope they'll fix everything asap. I'm going back to sleep, I feel sick. I meant like this: also good luck to all on the team I'm sure it's gonna turn out great
  5. Oh and will the mod have any interesting main themes? Like thi-... oh am I allowed to post links?
  6. Good to hear that the mod is almost finished ! Looking forward to it . Not until very recently have I felt how it is to be in a mod myself. The thing is that it's a whole lot of work, making sure that the players will enjoy everything and that the mod will be different from all others. It's a full time job . In case someone was wondering I'm on the "portal: awakening" team, we're on moddb. Anyway Good luck guys this mod will be awesome, I'm sure of it!
  7. I don't want to spoil anything for those who want to listen for it themselves but when I reversed it I heard __________ "I'm watching you". Please correct me if I'm wrong
  8. Nice work! Good luck with the rest guys
  9. I just think a bad way to go about evoking feelings in a player is by having a mute. I think relatability is one of the biggest factors personally, and the manipulation of the environment with lighting and such. I also like a character that makes realistic choices although admittedly it can be difficult for this to work as the game can become boring. I think one of the oddest games for the way it made me feel was Portal. I felt kinda...sorry for GLaDOS...which was weird because they're the main antagonist. I also felt betrayed by a computer which is just nuts. Valve are really good at that kinda thing which is partly what separates them from other companies. That's why I fell in love with Portal. Portal was the first source game I played, and it drastically changed the way I saw first person shooters (if you can call it a shooter). The game wasn't just about shooting portals on walls and knocking over turrets. It was like you did what Glados said because you trusted her, and when she tried to murder chell in the fire, I trusted Glados so much that I actually waited a bit to see if someone/something came to pick me up. When it didn't I felt sorry that I had to escape, and I felt even worse when I killed her and saw the cake, and then she sang still alive... Short, simple, yet amazing game. I can't wait for portal 2.
  10. I got F.E.A.R some time ago, I haven't finished it yet though. But so far it's cool . I gotta continue playing it real soon...
  11. cool so do you expect the mod to be finished anytime soon? I mean, I can wait. I just want a heads up
  12. Everybody does. Indeed. Well, while we're waiting... What do you think Valve will show for "surprise" at E3?
  13. Hm I see, so I guess NH2 wasn't as damaged as it could've been right? Well, I hope it'll be released soon I look forward to playing it.
  14. So, mods made in ep2 were not in danger? I thought NH2 was made in ep2.. Or am I just misunderstanding everything?
  15. Wonder what happened to BlackMesa:source now after the update o__o