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  1. No, a valid reason is a smoother icon for the mod.
  2. Hen7 said: To have something under your name you need me or Ido to do it, what do you want? Lazy git. Ona another note, I can't seem to reply or quote when I click on a topic from the main page.
  3. How do I choose what goes under my name? Or is it post based? But thanks, and glad to have a warm welcome back. Under my second account, but still. hexpunK said: It was literally called Alfie wasn't it? Yes, and it was remade in 2006. My mum has a copy of both. Ah crap, I double-posted. Delete the first someone, please?
  4. OZPruduction said: This is a bump my friend! read this: http://forums.wecrea...topic.php?t=479 I had a good reason, the rules state I may bump if I have a vaild reason.
  5. If I may, I edited Portal's original icon and I think it looks a bit better. http://www.mediafire...php?nndioiqdmzi It's essentially just an red version, but it fits with the Flash Version's altered logo, and it fits with the normal Portal icon too. However, on that note, I am having trouble getting it to actually work, it looks like it should on all views except Tiled and anything that size or bigger. When on tiled or whatever it reverts to your icon.
  6. Yes, my name IRL is Alfie, just like the movie. If I was a girl, I would have been named Billy-Jean, so I consider myself lucky. I'm a portal fanatic, and Portal: TFV is awesome.
  7. hexpunK said: NeatNit said: Ignoring the cheats part... Ok, make a Portal shortcut through Steam, then right-click-properties on it and in the destination, add:-map +mat_fullbright 1 And it should work. Of course, replace with the actual filename of the map (without .bsp) How could I forget that Considering I used it myself while testing my own maps, this is the easiest way to do it. I doesn't work for me, it opens up a blank portal game - achievements and levels reset.
  8. hexpunK said: Alfie said: Okay, thanks for that, is there any way to keep it like that? Without screwing up your Portal no, if you want it to stay like the add it to your config.cfg, but it will make all maps look bad. Aw, crap. How about a shortcut on my desktop to this map with the code on. As well as several cheats.
  9. Okay, thanks for that, is there any way to keep it like that?
  10. Here's what I mean:
  11. I was here a while ago, forgot my account name. Why?
  12. Portal: Prelude is expected to have a few extended levels made by other fans, as well as a whole new set of levels that add on to the end as though they were built in, not sure on the latest update of that though.
  13. I got it to work, and annoyingly, It comes up really bright, turning my monitor down just makes it duller. It's something to do with an old version of Portal, but I don't know, anyone know how to help?