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  1. Ok so I've played NH:Remake and absolutely loved it, but something about the trailer NH2 is bothering me. Everyone on the youtube video keeps saying that if you pause it before the elevator falls there is a picture of a creepy girl at 00:15 or something. I've done this and I swear I don't see anything. Basically I was jw if anyone could confirm if these comments are true and if so mayb post a screenshot? Thanks Link to the youtube version >
  2. I've already given a couple of ideas, but i thought I shud mention sommit else. One thing that would be nice is if on hard difficulty it was REALLY hard, because I think the problem with some games (like DOOM 3) is that they're hardest difficulty just involves making your health constantly go down or something, which is never as fun as knowing that if you get hit once or twice then you're dead. So something like that would be great.
  3. Best way to get ideas would be to use ur own experiences of what's scary and interpret that. Like for instance, I just finished playing Doom 3. Luved the game, but the one thing that scared me, wasn't the copious amounts of blood everywhere or whatever. The best things are the random parts where you get creepy visions or things that help build up the tension. I think if you can get someone to do some decent voice acting or use some good effects, you can get some really creepy effects from the odd whispered phrase etc.
  4. U shud see it definitely! It is like the best film I've ever seen!
  5. Quote ...I don't get it. I suspect it's related to the fact that I dunno many board games. But I DO know (well, think) that it's not going to be a good idea to give the player a voice. You got a point. I mean HL2, Gordon Freeman doesnt have a voice and that works fine. Then there's the film WALL-E, the two main characters dont have voices per say in that, and that won a golden globe not long ago. Simplest things are always the best, plus it wud just mean more work on the developer's side.
  6. Ok so I know this is only like 5 minutes or so from when I last posted, but hey lol I thought of some more stuff As explained before, people are more scared of what they dont see than of what they do. Therefore if you were use blood in a much more subtle way e.g. using it to lure someone to opening a certain door, it means that you can create suspense and the idea of something creepy without ever having to show it.From what I've seen from the trailer, this kind of idea has already been taken into account, the running patient who is never properly seen. Anyway, back to my ideas. (note: Due to me being something of a perfectionist, I've give the ideas titles, kinda like the chapter names in HL2) Access Denied: You make your way down a seeminly normal/creepy corridor to a set of double doors at then end. Above them reads a sign Intesive T....... Unit. You cannot make out what the 2nd word is however, due to either it having been scratched off or having a small blood stain across that part of the sign. Next to the door is a keypad, which when pressed fails to give the desired effect of opening the way forward. From here on there's a couple of different routes that this could go in. 1. When the keypad is pressed the few lights that remain in the hallway flicker, going out and then on, the pattern slowly moving towards you. It passess and when it reaches the door the light there goes out for a second or two. Suddenly a scream is heard from within the ITU. 2. Either when the keypad is pressed or when approaching the ITU, a echoed announcement, the sort that they might give in a shopping mall or maybe a hospital sort of environment is played. "Doctor Bedlam to ITU, would Doctor Bedlam please come to ITU. Thank you." (note: Bedlam is the name of one of the oldest mental asylums in europe) Of course the way this line is delivered will completely shape how scary this haunting ghostly message is. I have more to suggest but I'll let you digest these ones before I get started on the others.
  7. Thanks What I find even more amazin is that I made that up on the spot lol but enough of that, because I might just have some more possible ideas soon. So hopefully I'll get back to you a bit later today
  8. The whole thing with horror games at the moment seems to be "lets cover all the walls with blood because that'll make it scary" when we all know it's physchological horror which scares people more. Sommit like Scream is a great example of this. If I were you I'd be focusing on having a nice mix between the two. Whilst it's important to still hav some visual horror, it's probz more important to scare someone with what they dont see. Say for instance: You unlock a door to come into some kind of cafeteria/cloakroom (two ideas here, but both working off same idea) Cafeteria: You make your way through the freezer room, past hanging pieces of meat or something. The door is partly open, yet something is jamming it from the other side. Suddenly you hear a clang of a saucepan or something back in the kitchens behind you. When you go back to investigate there is nothing there. Again you hear a sound, this time chains or sommit. You go back to the freezer room but find that all the meat that was in here has now disappeared, the bloody hooks hanging from the ceiling all that remain. Cloakroom: Inside this room are a number of doctors coats, medical uniforms etc. You walk across the room but as you do you hear the creak of one of the lockers opening. You go back and see it is a perfectly ordinary locker. You continue to the door. As you go to open it, the lights spark out, coming on a second later. Finding the door is locked you go back to the other side. However if you approach the locker again you will hear a faint crying/scream? It is locked and if u try to open it there is a momentary flash and you see it open for a split second with some gouhlish message written perhaps in blood. The view then returns to tht of the locked locker. As I mentioned, it's important to use a mix between the two. Shock, Scare and Surprise. Hope these ideas helped