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  1. Why. No. Oz. Don't we can fight them with ICE MAGIC!!! LOL!
  2. Are they the guys in your sig. If you're thinking four horsemen, they're 1 short.
  3. Yes. I've opened a topic. Well, some of you think retards are killing this forum (see scapegoating) and should be banned. (See nazisim) Now, I want to see how many of the users of this forum are retards. ENJOY!!!
  4. hexpunK said: OZ, why are all your threads Polls recently? And why am I always an option. I am NEVER an option! Also, who gives a f*** about Duke Nukem. Lol. See yerz. EDIT. But those are some arse ham graphics. Nice looking map too!
  5. TheNoiseExplosion said: It's just Google... you see theres this thing called Yahoo. Which is crap. And all those who use it will melt in the fiery bowels of HELL!!!!!! HA HA HA!!!
  6. You can do it. With ICE MAGIC!!! :-) LOL!
  7. You don't.
  8. HOORAY! OMG! Do you still have the G-mod servers and what map does it run? I can't succesfully install maps off the site. If it helps, I'm trying to install gm_bigcity. Thanks.
  9. I choose CAAAAAKE!!! I don't have TF2 yet, but I did get it the other day and it won't install. :0( my interwebs broke.
  10. Sorry
  11. This guy is wierd. I mean. He can't spell Team Fortress, likes Runescape (even having an account is bad enough.) doesn't know that 1D is a dot, he is describing 2D and doesn't realise Runescape is 3D and his idea makes no sense and wants to add weapons to the game (that is both impossible to create and pointless) that would ruin the whole point of it anyway! And he thinks everyone on here lives in the US & UK. So, to cut a long comment short, no your idea is not feesable and neither are you.
  12. FlatOut. Apply directly to the racecourse! FlatOut. Apply directly to the racecourse! FlatOut. Apply directly to the racecourse!
  13. Screw you.
  14. Look. I've missed you guys! Even you, Hen. And I'm reformed. (pork 60%) and I'm not spamming. So accept it. I'm back.
  15. I have a question. Why? Firefox is so cool. Why mock it and not even use Firefox to do it. Yeah, i'm back, and i'm good!