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  1. Why don't team members get a private developer forum for posting updates etc. It'd be better than a chat txt in dropbox.
  2. Insurgency doesn't need or use EP2 stuff. NH2 does. You need EP2.
  3. What is there left to blog about? There are a couple of mods that I think would be really cool to have hosted at WCS. Give them free hosting for their mod, the ability ask for feedback and support from other WCS developers and access to trustworthy beta testers. They could also benefit from the name of WeCreateStuff which is getting quite respectable. As long as the mods that are invited are high quality I think this would help the mods themselves and WeCreateStuff. For multiplayer mods I could probably host a 24/7 dedicated server for the mod that the mod team could use for beta testing and after release use as a public server so that there is always at least 1 server running for their mod.
  4. You guys don't read facepunch do you? It's a pretty obivous reference.
  5. They're going under? I was planning on buying a copy anyways, better do it sooner rather than later.
  6. Just finished reading it. I thought it was a well written and fair review. I think I'll visit your site more often in the future. Also, "Radar" is misspelt on the 2nd line.
  7. Actually they do get paid, by Armor Games.
  8. I'd still give it a go. There's probably a FAQ somewhere on their site explaining what they accept.
  9. http://www.envirofone.com/ I looked up those phones, you can make about £31 from them.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm glad you enjoyed the mod but we have no plans on making a 3rd Nightmare House.
  11. House stop mini-modding. He like it, no need to tell him off for congratulating the team.
  12. To port it to iphone it would have to be rewritten from scratch in C using XCode on an Apple Mac. See the problem here? Apple closed it all off, we can't do anything without paying them ridiculous amounts of money.
  13. There's another person doing this already but I look forward to watching future episodes of your version. =]
  14. Post your awesome GMOD creations, the NH2 team had a GMOD party of sorts on a nice private dedibox. This is what I built, Twister and a Swinging Ship
  15. I hope I dont sound too bad. I've sort of forgotten what was actually said. All I remember was criticising the source engine.
  16. I'm working on an alternative to hammer. Right now I'm creating a parser for VMF files that can load the data from a VMF and then saves a new VMF file. It's nearly capable of processing simple brush geometry and simple entities. Once it can do that I'll implement functionality for editing the data and start putting together a UI. Once it hits beta stages I'll probably turn it opensource to enable the community as a whole to use and develop it. I'm developing it to be compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. There are so many features I can think of that hammer lacks and would be fairly easy to implement.
  17. You can see it off in the distance in the screenshots with the black sky.
  18. I didn't use any addons apart from smartsnap. Smartsnap is awesome.
  19. There's about an hour of total audio coverage from Podcast17, awesome
  20. There are a few spelling mistakes I didn't see, like "worst". I'll see if I can get them fixed when we release NH2 commentary, for now I'm busy coding for a project of mine. It's pretty early alpha but hopefully I can get it to beta in the next 6 months.
  21. TheyCreateStuff was an april fools joke... it's not real.
  22. Check out the talk page of NH2, two Wikipedia editors fighting over the NH2 article. Vaguely amusing to read.