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  1. He doesn't have Ep2, the list is alphabetical and it isn't listed where it should be.
  2. And by that time 10k box ratings
  3. A high res, printable one would be awesome. Then I could stick NH2 on my shelf.
  4. Okay people, try finding the Nightmare House 2 article. =]
  5. Wow, they added a NH2 theme? Awesome.
  6. We're doing one. Be patient. We were working on it before NH2 released, but we decided that it'd be better to do it as a 2nd release so we could squeaze in a few bug fixes and prehaps clean up a couple of rogue textures that we hadn't noticed.
  7. Now thats cool! Awesome work.
  8. Your ability to judge emotion proves my previous point.
  9. It'd be nice if youtube wasn't broken.
  10. The previous poster is an idiot. Solved.
  11. English accent, he sounds a bit like me.
  12. Custom npcs, custom code, etc. It's just not going to happen. The sheer amount of work required wouldn't be worth the final result. Also, the maps just aren't designed for co-op at all so it wouldn't be that fun.
  13. Please stop trying to use HTML in your post. It wont work here.
  14. The UDK tools are also much nicer than source. I'd pick UDK over source nearly any day of the week.
  15. You dont need UT3 to play UDK based games. >_>
  16. We're probably going to release "making of" media, etc. We'll also probably add dev commentary mode to NH2 as well as subtitles in other languages. Next project? I have no idea.
  17. Size doesn't matter. NH2 has achieved something that Black Mesa only claims it will.
  18. There is a shed infront of the house, inside is an axe. Smash lock to get into the basement.
  19. If you bought Ep2 then you've already donated to a worthy cause. Supporting valve.
  20. There's a video of a guy playing the nh2 ending in gmod. Funny thing is he played the wrong ending. And the mod is broken in gmod. NH2 is too complex for gmod to handle.
  21. Out of the 20 easter eggs I only know 8-9 of them. Good luck finding them, it'll take real detective skills to get them all.
  22. NH2 is still uploading btw.
  23. <3 Yahtzee FYI, in the video he's the one with the hat.