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  1. NH2 is done, bug free and finished. We're preparing the upload atm.
  2. Hen is doing the final beta test, we've had some trouble with the installer that we think we've fixed now. So now all we have to do is wait an hour or so for hen to finish his speed-run of NH2, test the installer works and then upload to moddb, fileplanet, filefront, wcs website, etc.
  3. We've found pretty much EVERY bug and flaw in the game we can find and fixed it already. I doubt we'll find more. Truth be told most of the fixes we've done today have been spelling/grammar fixes and "it would be nice if" fixes.
  4. Here's the lowdown on the completion of Nightmare House 2. -------------- Mapping 100% Coding 100% Voice Acting 100% Sounds 100% Music 100% Models 100% Hud 100% -------------- Bugfixing 99% -------------- We're hoping to release in the next week or two, providing we don't find any critical bugs. Do NOT post in here unless you're a member of the team with a progress report/update. This thread is here so people can easily see the current status of NH2 without wading through pages of spam.
  5. Final maps are being compiled, all the fixes are done. Installer is pretty much done. We just have to wait for final compiles, package the installer and upload. To all those unregisted users we can see on the forum, be patient. It'll be out later today.
  6. Hen was pronounced dead at 3am this morning. It seems he was killed in the night by insect-sized kitten.
  7. Dont bother with NH1. NH2 will contain a remake of NH1 as the "Prologue". So just wait for NH2 and make him play that from the beginning.
  8. I've been a supporter of legalizing cannabis for a long time. It solves so many problems. I don't take drugs and I probably never.
  9. Good news, Hen didn't find a single bug.
  10. I didn't sleep at all last night, there's still 1 last bug that refuses to be fixed. I neeed sleep but gotta finish NH2 first. Dont hold us to it but we're looking at finishing today and hopefully releasing tomorrow. We'll see.
  11. I don't really care about the genre I listen to, as long as it is good music. Mostly I listen to techno and musical soundtracks because all the pop albums and radio stations are full of shit these days. Examples of other songs I like: I'm with you - avril lavigne, behind closed doors - the rising, black betty - ram jam, drunken lullabyes - flogging mollly, space and time - 009 sound system, tainted love - soft cell, toy soldiers - eminem, mack the knife - frank sinatra, beat your heart out - distillers, devil went down to georgia - charlie daniels band, Etc. To be honest I'm not really passionate about music, I don't listen to music too much. I prefer the peace and quiet so I can think and relax.
  12. Think before you post, if you upload it, it will be found. You'd be surprised how useful things like twitter can be. Police have actually been tracking some gangs because the gangs were stupid enough to tweet about what they had done.
  13. Zombies in NH2 are all custom, some are fast, some are slow.
  14. NH2 is comming along sweet right now, nearly every bug has been fixed. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the community thinks of it, I'm really proud of what we have made. Good job team. <3
  15. I noticed the twitter-ish nature but the forum is more accesible and we dont have to fuck with permissions and passwords.
  16. A complex AI problem that has been plaguing us for ages just got fixed One step closer to release.
  17. OMG YOU WERE LYING!!!! OMG YOU'RE A TOTAL IDIOT. How old are you? You need to take some maturity tablets.
  18. This thread IS useless. It's a different game and now it's filled with spam.
  19. I dont actually know the beta testers, I believe they are mostly friends of Hen. The team beta tests too. So there wasn't anyone from here afaik. Either way, we'll release as soon as it's 100% finished. The plan for the release is to get the mod fully working etc. and then release it. Then a few weeks/months later we'll re-release but with developer commentary and any bugfixes. We'll probably release a lot of making-of stuff too. No guarantees for anything though.
  20. This is ridiculous, we have ontopic NH2 questions in the bullshit thread but pointless spam in the NH2 thread.
  21. I sense a huge bump.
  22. I hate people who make useless posts that are considered spam.
  23. GMN and I are looking into a crash that a couple of the testers had, so far we've been unable to replicate it and the crash dump files aren't helping. Other than that, bug fixing is going fine and it should be ready for release very soon.