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  1. Uhh, what exactly is your kind?...Nevermind, I...I don't want to know.
  2. Anyone familiar with the movie Jacobs Ladder? Well, if it is possible, you should diffently use the very fast head flapping thing that is used in that movie. Personally, that is just creppy as hell, especially just hearing it and the player is like, "What the hell is that?", then they look through a window on a door and see a mental patient or a doctor, with his head flapping around like crazy. Don't over use it though, once or twice is creppy but twenty times gets old. Also, to make them feel really unsafe, have the building itself agaisnt them. I'm guessing the asylum is going to be a place of evil, so make it evil. Doors slamming right after you open them. Windows exploding. Lights going out. parts of the building "collapsing" right as you walk underneath or over them. Have stuff just burst into flames for no apparent reason. From what I've seen of the trailer, it looks like there are two ghosts. You should have one kind of nice to you although not in a very obvious way. The other can be extremly malevolent. Maybe make the girl from NHR the nice one. Maybe she feels bad about scaring you so much in NHR. Or, to be unloving, make them both evil. Well, I think thats it for now, hope I've been of some help.
  3. If you still need a voice actor I could be of assistance. My voice is kind of deep, not really raspy but I can change it slightly if needed. And I can act fairly decent, but I'll let you judge that. I'll send a sample if you still need an actor.
  4. I really hope you guys don't mind me flooding you with potential ideas, I've been writing a horror novel recently and I've really been researching phobias and things that scare or unnerve people no matter how brave they are. And I really liked NH and LOVED NHR and I'm not a programmer or anything so I wanted to help somehow. Anyway, I got some more ideas. Yes, these are just coming off the top of my head. If it isn't to difficult, Have the player look into a mirror and see a whole different place. Like a alternate reality. Or the true reality. Make a part where the player gets their weapons taken away. Not too many parts like that, then it gets annoying. But just once or twice, right before a part where those weapons could be really useful would really put most players in a state of panic. Prey on fears that alot of people have. Bugs, heights, tight spaces, darkness, and drowning would be good ones. Make the player doubt what he sees. Debris or bodies that vanish after the player passes by them. Doors that you need a key to open, and after you find the key and bring it back, the door is gone. Or the room is already opened. Don't give the player to much of an idea of where to go. NH and NHR were fairly lineir, make NH2 have a bit more free roam. Not too much though, you don't want them getting too sidetracked. Maybe make a couple different ways to accomplish things. Get sound effects that are unnerving for everyone. Like the nails on a chalk board kind of sounds. Fnally, Make the player waste ammo. It sounds cruel, but its a good idea. If they have a shotgun, even if it doesn't have a whole lot of ammo, they will feel safe. Make enemies that really are not there, attacking them, then they fire at them and the screen flashes. No more enemie. No damage taken. But, thats one or more precious bullets that they won't be getting back. Well, I'll quit posting for awhile, give someone else a chance, Lol.
  5. OMG. I got some more ideas. Well, here we go. You should make a part where the player "dies". They get killed by a trap or something as they walk down a empty hall. Their health drops to zero and they get the death animation. Then the screen flashes and they are in the hall again, now a old looking dead body lies on the floor where the trap awaits them. Screw with the players hearing. I played Dead Space at my friends house not long ago and she has surround sound. I was more unnerved by the little scurrying sounds coming from the walls, faint screaming, crying and strange mechanical noises than most of the enemies. Sounds are important because they are mysterious. It might sound like someone crying, but if you never find the person, how can you be sure? It might not even be real . Despite the fact that blood and gore are overused by most movies and games, you should still make good use of it. Specifectly, in places where it shouldn't be. Large blood puddles on the ceiling or a blood trail along a wall like something was dragged on it. Make points where the player takes a very small amount of damage from something behind them, turning to see nothing there. But they will hear fading laughter. Also, someone posted something about a chess board like room earlier. I think it could be a good idea, you would just have to make it macrabe. Maybe make it a puzzle where you have to make it to the other side, but you have to move like you are a bishop or knight. The other pieces could be various dead bodies or zombies. Also, you should make multiple melee weapons. Don't give the player a gun for some time. Maybe the little axe from NHR, a pipe, a crowbar, and a sledgehammer. It will make it more intense if the player has to risk getting hit by a zombie to kill it instead of just shooting it. Also, make a part where the player has to face a massize number of creatures at once. To live, they must barricade themselves in a room, desperately fighting off the creatures, having to find more things to make a barrier with as their barriers get destroyed. A lot of monsters all the time isn't scary. But I armada that assaults you out of nowhere, that is a positive "OH SHIT" moment. Well, now I'm out of ideas. I hope you guys still have time to add some of these if you haven't already. Good luck on the mod and I can't wait to see the finished product.
  6. Are you guys going to make different skins for the zombies? Personally, the HL2 zombies just are not that scary, with the exception of the fast and poison zombie without their headcrabs. Anyway, here are some more ideas. Make some hallcunations that make the player feel sad. For example, as the player walks past a door, they hear banging and someone pleading for help. If they try to open it, the banging stops and the person on the other side tells you the door is locked, but there is another way in. As you progress, you find the other way in, only to find a lone zombie in the room. Instintivly, you kill it. Then the screen flashes white and it is revealed that you killed the survivor from earlier. Barely audible cruel laughter can be heard in the distance, slowing fading away. Also, make the player disoriented. Make an upside room, where you are walking on the ceiling. Make a room or hallway where as the player enters, their hearing is impaired as if they are underwater. Make a short hallway that suddenly becomes miles long. Also, I think an NPC that helps you would be good. Have the NPC stay with the player a long time or have them come at just the right time, saving the player multiple times. Then, kill the NPC, in some brutal way. It doesn't have to be in front of the player either, they could just turn a corner and see their "friend" dead. This would surely enrage or sadden some people, maybe mess up their perception, make them more jumpy. You need to focus on breaking the players' minds down, not just taking them out of their comfort zone but tearing them out of it screaming. You should make it so that the screen will randomly flash at some point. The player will stop and wonder what happened. They will look around, not seeing anything unusual. Then they will freak out when they realize that their character's hands have become skeletal. Well, thats all I got for now, Keep up the good work guys. I saw your trailer. The ghost guy and the part with the monitors was awsome.
  7. You should start the player off with no weapons, just his fists. When I'm playing a game, its always nice to have atleast a melee weapon. Don't give the player that comfort instead, throw some enemies at them, make them desperetly try to fight them off, fail, and run in fear looking for a means to escape. Also, make a boss like enemy that can't be killed by normal means. It attacks the player multiple times during the game, making them waste ammo in a desperate attempt to stop it before they realize it can't be stopped. Finally, make the player go flashlight less aswell for a while. Darkness is a easy fear to prey on, or atleast make someone very uncomfortable. Make them go through an entire section without light, preferably a long hallway with a light at the end, with short hard to see obstacles along the hall making the player freak out if they get stuck on something and don't realize it. Well, thats all I got, hope they help.