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  1. well, he did say in his dream that light is the only defense against the nightmares.. i have a feeling that a "fight" of sorts will show up in the house in later updates. the flare box is a big BIG hint to this.. and i agree with everything else.. i wish that Mxthe could reveal just a bit, because i'm getting to paranoid to play the game now.. at least the house.. haha. it's great. but how will the axe, shovel, laser sight, ect. show up? will you have to kill the ghost or something later in the game? only the developers know now.. it's just for us to find out later, i guess.
  2. I agree, and I have some ideas for this too. First off, look at Her dress during the day and night. When it is daytime and She scares you, She is pale and has a white dress. And She really has no interest in hurting you, but she is sort of looking out for you. On the other hand, during the night, when She is actually trying to hurt you or make you pass out, She has a black asphalt texture dress with blood splatters all over it and has a greyish color to her skin. Much like normal zombie games, but more menacing. I have a feeling that Jake knows more than we do about how She died, and She is making him pay for it in a way by filling his nights with horror. There is also a possible tie in with the "Guilt" that chases you in the first dream. I'm almost positive that Jake knows more than we do about these things. Because you noticed by now, when you try to go into the closet during the day, She stops you. this could lead to something very important in the matter of her death being protected by Her ghost. There could also be Jake's psychosis. All She really is is memories, happy or sad. Judging by the letters from Dr. Romero and NLH hospital, Jake is having problems mentally because of Her death. Due to this, he has flashbacks and night terrors that show Her. During the day, he just sees glimpses of Her, probably due to a memory that he had of seeing Her like that. BUT during the night, his mind is more vulnerable due to him being tired and in such an unstable mental state that memories or thoughts of Her comes more violently. After She died, he probably got the mentality of "I could have saved her, this is my fault" and other things like that. Although he can handle it in the morning, it's coming out at night due to exhaustion. This could also be represented by the "Guilt". Or I could be completely wrong. these are just some ideas.
  3. okay, i've been replaying this for about the 14th time, and i noticed something strange... it might be my paranoia, but... does anyone see people standing around corners and shadows appearing at of nowhere? because i've been seeing it a LOT. i'm starting to worry about my mental health, now. its probably not a part of the A.S.S., either. but i'm starting to get really freaked out. still awesome, by the way. i love it as much as when i first played through it.
  4. I absolutely LOVED this game. ( it's too awesome to be a mod. ) I enjoyed the part where you get slapped to draw your attention to the dummies. It seems like Emily is saying "hey dipshit, look over here." it also scared me REALLY badly when I dropped a flare near one, because it looked like... Like someone without skin. But when I looked again, it was gone. What the FUCK?! Was all I could think for like a minute straight. when i got to the hallway of lights that shut off one by one, i also thought "holy shit, this was my idea! but who knows about that one.
  5. From what I saw in the video, these were the ones that I could pause at. Just click as fast as you can to pause it on the flashing pictures part. There are also some pretty interestig sets from what I saw...
  6. WHAAAA? unheard of! you must have nerves of steel! ...please don't ban me. D:
  7. okay, so i was looking through the trailer for any sort of idea what it will be about... and i found these. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU WANT TO PLAY NOT KNOWING ANYTHING! SPOILER SPOILER! look at these pictures... it's our old friend! new zombie models? or allies? okay, i told you the spoiler warning. so don't click if you don't want to know what i found. can't wait, loved the first two, blah blah blah... love you hen!
  8. I hate to bump, but I wanted to share my expereince too. I think it was when the tv came on and she was standing there. I looked at the tv, the hallway, then the tv... And I started to freak out. I seriously started to get really scared. It's not what pops out at me, it's me doubting myself which scared me.
  9. dude, there should me something like this: first off, add ambient sounds. take afraid of monsters for example. use whispers and far off screams to create the atmosphere, and puzzles where you have no choice but to shut off the power in a certain part of the building. now, on to some of the mapping. i like what you did with the tv room scare thing, with each tv going out one by one. maybe you could have something similar, and what i mean is: you walk into a room, and you see a door at the far end. one by one, the lights shut off from that door and finally, the last light shuts off and the door shuts, letting 3 zombies in. more to come.
  10. major bump, but i think that it is scarier when it's just you. i almost shit my pants in the NHR a couple of times.
  11. Hen7 said: You'll know everything after you'll play NH2. after putting my idea into the NH2 thread, i might not have enough guts to play the game.
  12. well, it was the thing of you could maybe have an adult or a mental patient. the child drawing should be included, though. crazy children scare the living shit out of me.
  13. here is one that i just thought up. you could have a hallway, and when the player walks down, he suddenly has a dream sequence. (he is you now) you walk into a small room, no bigger than a classroom. you see a little girl sitting at a desk, and you walk over to her and ask what she is drawing. she says: "you'll die in here. everyone will. you can never escape." as she looks up, you see that she is the ghost from NH:R and start to back up. as she gets closer, the lights will go out. when you get out your flashlight, you see alma or some little girl in the corner. she is hunched over, and you can hear her singing "ring around the rosy". when she gets to the ashes, ashes part you get transported back to the hallway. about 30 seconds later, you here "we all fall..." and on "down" have her appear in front of you, screaming with her eyes glowing a bright yellow.
  14. play the original. one survivor kills herself, but she is always where the baby doll is. it made her seem like a ghost to me. the stalker that appears at the end makes me think that it is another ghost.
  15. well, in the original it made it seem like two ghosts. one was trying to help, one was trying to kill you.