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  1. NeatNit said: FoXoF said: Fahrenheit is a great game! Dont bother with the pc version. Go out, get yourself a copy of either PS2 or Xbox.Fix'd, and no. I don't think anyone is saying that it does everything well. The gameplay is pretty crappy, in my opinion it still works though. But what the game does exceedingly well is build suspense. Very few games build suspense, it's all action 99 percent of the time, and when there is a million enemies everywhere you don't have time to get scared. Horror films all have slow segment where the tension builds up before they show you the monster. In games like L4D the monster is there all the time every single second of the game, it won't scare you.
  2. NeatNit said: The idea sounds more... EA-ish. Which means an idea that people who have no idea what makes games fun and fucking playable use. No offence, KnifeDead. And about OZ - before you repeat yourself saying that I spam just as much - at least when I spam it's WITH WORDS. It's not EAish. It's an idea I actually contemplated for an rpg, putting in mental health as well as physical. You could die spiritually and not just from being cut to pieces. If implemented well it could add a lot of suspense. Farenheit worked similarly and despite being as linear as a train ride that subsequently went on to derail in the last few chapters it was still a very good game.
  3. KnifeDead said: Hi Guys! I was laying around and thought about something for your upcomming mod (NH2). i was thinking of an "Fear-Line" that goes up when you come near traps and so on. and when the fear-line is full, your screen gets all dissy and get an "heart pumping" and an "breath" sound! what do you think? (sorry for my bad english, im german) Gr8 idea, I'm even going to steal it and implement it in my mod, if I don't join a team. ;-p My current map is coming along very nicely, I know I promised a sample last weekend but it still needs some polish. Though to save myself some UI coding I'll probably just use the flashlight bar to represent fear. My flashlight will have infinite energy anyways. ^^
  4. OZPruduction said: Only me??!!? 'caugh'NeatNit'caugh' Edit: And also, it' not that I do it all the time, from time to time, everyone accidently spam If you're obsessive about the post count all you have to do is say it; "Hey, I'm anal about the post count, can you please edit in your messages instead." If the server is in your grandmothers basement on her antique machine and you're afraid that she'll be burning up when it explodes because of the extra overhead caused by a few more posts then you should ask the moderator to insert an auto-edit feature. In either of the two events I think that you should thank me for not entering the thread with "I'm marmalade!" because I damn well could have. As it stands, I don't spam, I try to post pointed messages, wherever I go. And yeah, they tend to be looong, but that's only because I make an effort not to spam. If you consider it unworthy of being read then that's your business, and I don't mind forcing you to scroll along two centimeters more than usual.
  5. OZPruduction said: Oh ffs, two double post that are too long so nobody would read them.... Ok. (Short enough for you?)
  6. Okay, so I looked through what's left of my old stuff and the one I was planning to put up will need a lot of work because the copy I still have is mostly just the base architecture. My favorite fancy map is gone too. But I did find one associated mini-map that was nearly done, and could easily be fixed up sometime this weekend. I'll link it up then.
  7. Ethan795 said: You sound like you've got all the skills, finding someone to help shouldn't be too hard, all the mappers on the forum posted here so that's probably a good place to start. Oh and moved to the You Create Stuff forum. Ok, I'll post something there, I think. Atm I'm worried that almost all of my maps are gone because of my harddrive, I also lost a webbased RPG that I'd started working on, I'm just happy I finished school before it happened and a bit pissed of that I didn't have a good backup. The only map I still know that I have is one I sent to myself via gmail three years ago, but it was pretty good and I think I can spiff it up a little.
  8. Hannibal0 said: your first post and its a double post... THAT is what I call a fail. Nothing worth posting that isn't worth posting twice is what I always say...
  9. Yeah, and I'm pretty good at writing too. Here's what I would make of the intro: "A dreamlike dizziness receded as you picked yourself of the floor. By rubbing the darkness out of your eyes you could see a confined cell slide slowly into focus. An odd scuffling sound could be heard from the opposite side of the wall, a sound almost mistakable for feet against the marble floor if wasn't for the vacant atmosphere, that dreadful sense of isolation that hung over the place like a stench. The air was heavy and stagnant, with a strange tinge of lingering disinfectants that made everything smell like a hospital which hadn't seen a patient for years but was still somehow kept clean, the sense was one of sterilized desolation. You'd call out if you didn't already know that no one was there to hear you, and yet, like in so many unfamiliar places you began to feel watched as soon as you started to move about. " But ofc. if I was to really make a horror game the way I wanted the main character would probably be a kid because there's no originality left with grown males running around with guns and wrenches for weapons. :-p
  10. Please oh please don't tell me that you're using the flashlight run out of energy bar that HL2 did. It was the first thing I changed in my mod and here's why, it gives you exactly enough control over the flashlight to get pissed of when it goes out instead of scared, and it gives you exactly too little control over the flashlight to let you use it strategically. Personally I think you should go with triggers to make it start blinking, that way you can save it for when you know it's going to be scary.
  11. I recently finished my education in Computer Systems Science, during which time I was actually working on a mod somewhat inspired by the original Nightmare House, that and Silent Hill, Alan Wake, you know the usual suspects... but unfortunately for me my ancient hard drive bit the dust a couple of months ago, which is really why I'm here. I don't fancy starting over from scratch on another solo project, so I'm looking around to see if there's anything cool going on that I could sign up on. I'm very proficient in Hammer especially with the HL2 entities, I know my way around the HL2 code, although C++ isn't my strong side, unfortunately. I also have strong drawing skills and am working on improving my photoshop talents, I know to make and texture a nice looking human mesh in programs like XSI, Maya and Max but I haven't really gone past basic animations with any of the tools. I've mostly just tried a bunch of models out with the original biped animations. Anyway whether you do have room or not there are a couple of suggestions I'd make for the continued development of your mod. 1) Why don't you use post-processing filters to give the mod a distinct look? It's a very cheap way to really set it apart. 2) Are you planning on using more screen overlays and self-made audio this time around, because they can really be used to cool effect. 3) Are you thinking of making any use of the pointclientcommand or bypassing it with code to play around with the game-speed options, because slow motion owns for dramatic effect. I really liked how it was used in Max Payne and it's not that hard to achieve something similar in Source.