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  1. Ok I dont think its gonna change, I dont want to be here.. If I was got my treate that deserve me and some *want* on my works than yes I would stay here... truely I dont think some body here care my stuff(Posts, maps/models, replys) so yes Bye bye.. Sorry for the spam.
  2. Yeah Ethan ban my user! and if I want to come back you konw me hes other Nestel!
  3. Is there a chance to be treated the work I do for games (Quake 3 and such)? .. If you remember I came here to be a partner here with people about mods for Prey .. Now the question is now if anyone cares my work and me (I think not)? - That in that case I simply would not be here anymore! Edit: is past some houres from my posting... I close now my user here, sorry if is boder someone... good luck for the next ! Edit: I cant from some way, Ethan or Hen or Ido please remove my acounet...
  4. You konw there is a site that calld and is for Quake 3 mapping stuff?... This is cool all this thing(for me)

  5. awesome Hen!!! You deserve such treatment!!!! (Without Cynicism and somthings else)
  6. Some exited news: id Tech 5(Rage) released today to iPhone 4 and the new iPods, iPad !!! For me: now I wait to the pc version and the editor, for start build to it(You know XD) . Edit: I'm open to discussion on it now, if you want...
  7. I like this combination, very... I played UT2D SuperMario and its was fun! really want to start devlop on UDK but its not work on my computer Edit: I chack now: its working well .. In the previous times it was not.
  8. Look what I saw Yeha its Portal style map to Duke Nukem 3D!!
  9. The new Halo in the retro Atari 2600!! (something nice that game devlopers love to do to there games DNF also but only prototype(one image) joke game :/). @ruanito [YOUTUBE]your video[/YOUTUBE-] only with not the line(-).
  10. Look like I say in the past DNF is alive (2011 THE year, allmost )
  11. Hen or Ido or both of you, I have a quastion: do you think(maybe to future) to open a course of game dev and maybe moding like the other in Hug or Hoogel sites??
  12. I have a quation.. Not very impornted, will Prey 2 and Portal 2 show in this year??
  13. salad_fingers and ruanito.. they are right!! We shold thank you about your heard work on this mod Hope you get finish this soon :-)
  14. Yes, you know a person can not determine what will be in his dream, Yeah in that day I was remointion Hen in many times In this dream I sow the game in my tv(device) and Hen be interviwd too.