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  1. thanks for all the support! i recently got together with this guy and bassicly we are a new team so this mod is a severe possibility
  2. hey guys well umm me and my friend recently saw the movie"12 Rounds" and we loved it im such a geek that i decided... well why the hell not make a mod out of it? so im working on that now pics will be up soon
  3. gordonfreemannr2 said: I kinda screwed up in my mod X3. U see I didn't think my map would get so large... So now I got to wait like 7-8 hours to get it compiled. And then you might think: why don't you part pieces of the map into separate levels? Cuz... The map itself is kinda small, and sometimes you cross the same corridor twice. : well what i do is when i go to the compile menu i find like the run vis and stuff i set that to fast it doesnt effect the maps look and it makes it a faster compile(took about 4hours and 55 minutes out of a 5 hour compile)
  4. hey umm i have a question im working on a mod but for the crossbow the scope texture when you look through it is purple and black any idea on how to fix it?