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  1. I've just uploaded the last Video for Game play . Next I'm going to upload the easter eggs. If you want to see it, go to
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED
  3. You deserve it. I'm making game play videos of each chapter. Chapter 1 is being compiled ATM. I'll have a new one everyday until it's done, I'll make sure to put ***SPOILERS*** in the Description/Title. Chapter 1 Any who, the story line was amazing and I loved all the small details you had that made it up, such as a photo or flashback. Really amazing work on this mod, you clearly put a bunch of effort into it. What will your next project be? Oh, you should set a goal for 5,000 downloads, then 10,000 etc.. and post it when you get the numbers.
  4. That has got to have been the best game I have ever played. It gave me more chills and jumps then FEAR. It was well worth the wait, Thanks Hen and Team Amazing mapping by the way, It made me say "With Source Engine?? Really?! ooo sweet lemonade
  5. Is now playing NH2

  6. If NH2 doesn't get the attention it deserves, i'm going to have to do something about it .
  7. Wow... this guy as to be the biggest troll I have ever seen. Do you get paid for what you do? You must be to look up every single proxy that you found on 1 website and think you are really going hard for this troll mission, sorry but blocking proxy's is really not that big of a deal. The only thing you did right there, was waste about 30 minutes of your life. + 24 hours from your earlier futile troll attempts. Why do you even bother? Go home fail troll.
  8. *OFFTOPIC* Hen how long did it take you to make NH:Remake
  9. You said "BEFORE" Releasing the mod there would be a new website. Mod is not released yet, so you're safe
  10. Prediction Color correction: 1 week beta testing: 1 week 3 models: 20 hours ea code: me
  11. you have Ethan795

  12. I have no friends :(

  13. ^ That is progress... This Thread's name is "A thread about NH2's Progress". Almost all posts should be like that.
  14. I'm going to use the diapers from the first nightmare house .
  15. No they will keep it so you can't have it .