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  1. nice kitty'big mouth

  2. Ahoo hooo i do bealive some one has been watching the ring!
  3. Meh, so its going to be as long as Portal? well not AS LONG but round about the same? AGES to make , seconds to finish if you have no life * Me * having no life kicks a**!
  4. What i ment was if i played the game now, Well.,.. the compleated parts, How long would it take to get from start to finish " Finish being the point your up to now "
  5. Ooo i have been thinking about this, But game play for the game right now, How many hours do u think It would take for some one to get to start and finish? i dont mean l8er on, i mean right now
  6. Well i think you are all spammers, There hasnt been a new thread in .. a while, since 2008, give me the link of a new one! for i are bored and need to spam
  7. No no, I was saying the name of some one i know who can do really good things with their voice, But i dout that she is needed by now, So i sniped it out, Ok ?
  8. -Snip-
  9. NeatNit said: At least it's not a bump ..... BUMP!
  10. I think us, the public are even running out of ideas, 27 pages anough for you ?
  11. I also had a dream and i was falling and falling and falling and falling, i never hit the floor, and i could hear weird moaning sounds * not happy maoning sounds the bad ones u perverts*
  12. awww thanks, i do try my hardest to make people lol, Oh here is another thing, put like a clown going around on a bike in a room, but the door wont open and put a goat in the middle of the room, wouldnt that make u think " wtf? " and then make the clown go " sha la la la la laaaaa BOOO!"
  13. Well heres one thing! ( unless some one has already said it... ) what has always made me crap my self is if im walking down a dark allyway or somthing what ever you want to walk down, and you hear like Breathing and it gets really loud, as if they are doing it right next to your ear and then it gose REALLY loud like " hhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! " and then it stops. yeah... my brother did it to me once I craped my self.