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  1. Plz. I really need spoilers! Plz, if you tell me I will never spam again!
  2. Never said he was.
  3. Plz. We can't wait much longer! Is it based on anything? How long is it gonna be? Are you working in Valve time?
  4. I'm sad cos I can't play Remake (No CS:S) :-(
  5. You don't have the image files? Hey! Idea: how about asking around for people who downloaded images or can get it from their cache. If thats possible. Or just find the paper/files or start the series again. :-(
  6. Cake soup? Mmmm might be nice.
  7. YOU TOO OZ!!!
  9. @ TNE:Do it yourself. There is an edit button. Um, the Harry Potter series (1 and 3) then Half-Life 2 then HL:Source then a bit of CS:S and the first few levels of Prey and now Portal, Portal:TFV (thanks for that Hen!) and Prelude and my current favourite, GMod!
  10. But EA will never learn to do that, they are the stupidest game developers/distributors EVER!!!
  11. No.
  12. And VerdeFlash wasn't? JUST STOP PICKING ON ME! *BOOHOOHOO* WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?!? WAAAAAA! Srsly. Stop it I like these forums, i'm just hyperactive!
  13. You mean least. Besides, most of us couldn't care less
  14. I don't really care, don't like Sims but would love to find Sim City or something like that cos all the ones I find either are too old and don't work or focus on the creating or destroying aspect and all the official ones don't work. :-( Oh and my intarwebz connection doesn't have a big enough limit for p2p.