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  1. Okay. Thanks.
  2. True. Also, does anyone know if HL2 textures are installed with Portal if the player does not own any of the HL games besides Portal?
  3. Hen7 said: All the textures in the mappack are mine. There are only few from CS:S, and I told Valve about it. Umm...and some from Portal!
  4. Hen7 said: As long as you credit, feel free. Thanks. Of course credit will be given.
  5. mongrel73 said: I guess so. I've tried reinstalling Winrar to no avail If Winrar is the problem, try 7-Zip ( That is what I use to open RARs.
  6. I was wondering if I would be allowed to use the blue wall, electrified wall, and red wall signage textures from the TFV Mappack in my own map pack.