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  1. is playgorund on this map pack? btw i got the maps to work, thanks for everyones help!
  2. ok... im wondering, does it have level 00, like in the flash game, and if so, how do i get it it.
  3. i extracted straight to portal/portal, like you said, it still askes to replace the folders. im supposed to go to portal/portal right? not into maps or anything, all folders just go right into portal/portal
  4. its just like everyone elses, 4 folders (maps. materials, models, sound), portalmap(a jpeg image), and readme, i copy the 4 folders, it askes to replace them, then it has something with a document called arrow[sumthing]
  5. ive never downloaded or installed it before, in fact, i got the orange box just today
  6. i extracted the files and its says copy them to portal/portal, i do that and it askes me toe replace come folders, i do, then it askes to replace like 90 items, i got nervous and stopped it, and made portal go back to default files by cntrl Z. am i supposed to replace all those files? will the other levels still be there?