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  1. Hey I got a friend friend from school to come over and he helped me fix it.Thanks for all your useless comments. Sry if there was a useful comment I didn't see and lumped it in with all the bad ones.
  2. I wasn't trying to advertise my site, I know it sucks. I just need help and I am pretty much a noob about most online communication. I don't know how to use image shack or what it even is, and I didn't know the other stuff about the pic's loading problems. As for image shack being free, so is, and it gives me and my friends something to play with at school. Is any actually going to help me, or is everybody just going to criticize my previous post. And yes I did click it, it just freezes.
  3. I cant get mine to load either. I tried what you said and this is all I can get. Well I was going to put a screen shot picture of what it show, but I cant so I will put it on my site and you may see it there. Plz do not think this is me just advertising my site, I really need help. http://sirsournote.w.../helpneeded.htm I don't know if that link will work, you may need to copy and paste it into the URL.