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  1. Well, I just used the tutorial mentioned before But I found it hard to achieve this kind of colour correction at first. So I just looked intrue the basics as usual and then started playing around a few hours with it using the tutorial, until I found something I liked ^^ And once you understand the basics, it's not really that complicated. As for the progress, I would like to thank everybody for there interest and support, but work is going rather slowly, and at this point I cannot even say for sure if it will be ready this year.. I might show some more progress in the near future
  2. EDIT: -3
  3. I played true the game a wile ago, but i was inactive for a couple of days, I have to say i really enjoined the Mod, it had a great environment and many good scares, and can't say much bad about the Mod, other then the ending felt a bit rushed to me.. Still I would rate it a 9.5 / 10! it was near perfect in any way. great compliments to the entire team that worked on this, and i hope to achieve something like this myself one day.. I'm looking forward to future mods to come!
  4. 15 or so? hows your mod doing btw? I'm 18, as for anyone who would care.
  5. I see.. didn't realize i was breaking any rules now all the sudden, My apologies..I'll stop bumping this old thread
  6. yes but then again, i live in the past, not much forum activity
  7. browsing true that old stuff.. makes me feel i just got.. Back from the future!!!
  8. hehe yea i wish to see Donny live on day, he has some nice dark tunes, but dnb / dubstep are just the standard party's for me because it's community accepted here, I prefer Dark powerful banging or psychedelic music, music that most people don't understand and don't share allot, but here's a standard dark psy free party near the forest for example :
  9. ..I think I'm the only one here who listens to "underground" music so i don't think I'll fit in with the topic lol, but one hell of a banging tune
  10. well it looks like a random but a creative idea, don't give up i guess.. used to suck at hammer as well, just practice around with small things (scratch) if you want a personal tip for your water problem, don't mind it, just start with the basic, you can always edit perfection later, at least that's how i do it..
  11. hmm nope the portal gun is not going to take place..i think most likely no deadly weapon at all will be available in the game, with the exception of a tool like a crowbar near the end maybe, or at least that was my main idea.
  12. What is this? Tell me when you can it's part of the logs from one of the main characters, Doctor Kavoykes, not so long from when "it" happen.. it is only a small part of the log, I'm still working on the rest, this would be day 1 and 2.. Thank you this pic is one of the "flashbacks" the player will experience, i'm still playing around with overlays a bit thanks for reminding me, i still have to change my e-mail adress!
  13. The process on the mod i going very....very slowly... From the start from the summer i decided to trow the original script over, and I'm at this point working allot on the script for speed up development, since i am completely alone on this project i have to do everything step by step, but i do have some little media because of you guys support to keep this alive sry for the delay on the comments, i don't get many so i don't check allot here lol
  14. Dont let the Hallway die!

  15. i'm not pretty sure that someone who visited WCS from August 2009 will update the topic.[but since Patacorow(a member) comed back it's possible] not yet, in fact it died and like 6 month's later I'm bringing it back from the dead, you can reply on this topic.