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  1. Is this mod actually dead now, or did you find a coder?
  2. Im very excited about this mod im hoping it will be out soon.
  3. its a map, not a mod, but thank you
  4. I would like to throw in an idea for my map I am working on right now (haunted school) you open a door and you find a lounge-type area, with a T.V, some couches infront of it and a radio, and at the other end of the room, theres a woman standing there. You step into the room, the door locks, the light breaks and the radio turns on and plays the g-mans scary radio/T.V theme. Thats a part of my map, actually
  5. You wake up in a darkened, apparently abandoned school full of monsters, ghosts and demons. Oh boy. This is a map I am currently working on. When I have the beta ready to roll, I will put it here
  6. If I can't map, is there any other way I might be able to help?
  7. Its updated. Changelog: Widened entrance hallway, removed creeping zombie. Fixed light position. Added end to map(its still short, but hey, its kind of fun )
  8. I had a crash with hammer there, and I didn't think to put the light back in the right place. When I resume work on it, I'll fix that.
  9. The intro hallway(where you start in, when I get back from vacation im adding some windows to it and making it wider.) ... 1247495438 The first classroom ... 1247495531
  10. Okay, your a very good mapper by the way. I would like to get some tutorials or something from you. Even if you don't need my help, I still want people to play my maps, so you can get one of my maps here. a few weeks ago, I made a map called haunted school. Its alot like nightmare house, but its pretty short right now. I hope you'll like it. The map can be found here. I made it a few weeks ago but only uploaded it today. I will be resuming work on it after my vacation(14-17). Maybe you could add the map to the next release of nightmare house as a bonus map or something?
  11. i can map rather well for the source engine and want a mod to participate in, I don't want paying, I just want to help with a mod! I would love to work on this mod, it is one of my favorite mods.
  12. ah, can I help at all? I can map for both source and half-life, I would be happy to help you