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  1. 1. You'll have to find out. 2. I don't know, and I doubt it will be this month, It's not up to me, I'm not the only one working on the mod, there are other team members that still have work to do. let's say that gameplay and mapping wise the game is pretty much complete. 3. To be honest no idea, I guess it's both, every chapter looks very different in NH2, I'm just trying to variety it as much as I can. at some places i thot it was Nova Prospekt HAHA! You made me laugh when you said Nova Prospekt! i dont get why is this funny i laugh at the fact that there is a really long quote chain that is way off topic i am just wondering how much programing, mapping, voice acting and other stuff percentage is done like hen showed before when making this topic i like numbers not spoilers. I just don't want to end this epic chain of off topicness. Its epic and off topic therefore Its awesome. /b/ shit wait, wrong website.
  2. Is it bad if when i read the sub title for this thread I think of the portal song still alive.. lol Now realating to NMH2 It would be epic if the dolls turned into like weird creature doll like things while you werent looking. Or you go in there once, then like 2 minutes later you have to go back into it and there gone.
  3. I cant wait to play nightmare house 2 jesus ive only been waiting half of a year while others, around 2 or 3. God it looks so epic in your trailer.. When will the website have some more media?
  4. Oh snap! Bitch got served!
  5. I would so love if you like, released a demo/teaser that we could a bunch of parts mixed togeather or first level :D
  6. I hope shes not in love with you, beacuse that just sounds so cheap, its basicly a rip off of fear2:project origins
  7. I made a video on youtube a long time ago, before I found the forums. I was wondering if I made a bo bo, and if you want me to, I can take it down. My mic sucks so volume = UP!
  8. Ownd? XD Kicked out of finale..damn.

  9. do you have a job, go to school, or even eat? or do you eat on the computer I live off my computer! >:[ Except when I have a life. (Not very offten!)
  10. Keep me updated, this looks really good..I can play test it for you too, im on my computer 24/7 minus when i sleep.
  11. keep me updated on this mod, sounds interesting
  12. lol yeah i made the video when? July 23, 2009 :] before school started XD So thats 4 months? eh doesn't matter XD
  13. No problem! I figured you would have play testers, but, hey, no harm in asking XD btw, i check his like every day to see if theres anymore NMH:2 news XD I <3 Scares
  14. hows about play testers? That would be really good right? You can get feed back from a few trusted pals! Yeah! Sweet! But then, I guess that means I wont be one of the play testers if you do this idea.. DAMN! :[ I want to play test it XD (Do you have play testers?)
  15. Dude thats really great, I give you 4-4.5 stars! Reason- Its scary, but sounds more like an epic scary boss fight, if thats what you wanted to get, then 5 stars! beacuse its perfect I hope you can become a part of the development, even though i have no leverage over it XD
  16. I roflmao
  17. I don't think hen can do the spirt from FEAR 2 beacuse, that would take (ima noob maper so im just going on insticts) a long time to create the models, and mabey take awhile to scipt it so it comes out of the wall and screams. The puddles, thats possible. Like a broken hole in the roof with rain comeing down. and headcrabs pop out of it.
  18. I know thers no offical release date for the mod, but can I expect it This year? or Next year? Love your work (And wecreatestuff's work :3)
  19. I can deal with that, sweet. I hope its out before christmas. That would be weird.. (in background) Oh christmas tree oh christmas treeee~) Shut up! this zombie just burst through the wall!
  20. In advance sorry for the double post. BUT After i posted this I looked at some screen shots. In the room with the corpse in the chair, what if when you walk up, the bodys head just rolled off and you heard a scream, noise, ect. enless that room already has it think you could probably still add the head part idk up to you
  21. I have what I belive to be a awsome idea to implicate in Nightmare house 2 Ok, Have a relitively long hallway with blood on the wall-OR-the roof. The lights are dimly lit and flashing. As you walk down the hall about halfway you hear a scream(Bloody murder scream) the door way at the end of the hall shatters into peices and theres nothing there except the room is covered in blood and the wall had been broken through. As the player moves to a certin part STILL IN THE HALL spawn mabey a fast zombie or zombie behind him. When the door breaks make sure to play some sound/music the same when the zombie apears behind the player and attacks