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  1. Ha, i wish i had fifty levels to tell the story in! Though if I did It would probably turn into a bloated mess, so in that way the limitation is a good thing. I don't even want to think about all the complaints about the pace of the script i'd get if I didn't have to make tough editing decisions due to the tyranny of megabytes. When Echoes is finished i may end up posting a 'complete' script of echoes that uses all the ideas and characters, stages, battles and so forth that i cut from the scripts before i even showed them to Ido and the others due to space issues. If i can find everything, a great deal of it is rambling scribbling in notebooks now buried at the bottom of a cupboard
  2. Pretty sure it would be the first fan-fiction based on anything i've ever done. Unless the Prince of War fan-fiction out there somewhere.
  3. The busey builder is the secret villain of echoes.
  4. Hurrah!
  5. The joke was that I was being a moron using poor grammar like 'what does the writing' and then putting on false airs about how the meaning was obvious. Sorry if i made a bad first impression, i blame all the Morecambe and Wise i used to watch, personally.
  6. I... wasn't trying to be offensive. *sigh* it's easy to forget that when you say something with a jovial tone it doesn't really translate onto the internet.
  7. It means i'm the guy what does the writing, obviously. (I'm writing the storyline.)
  8. My theory: Everything released thus far is just clever misdirection and echoes is, in fact, an anime date simulator.