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  1. I'm trying to, but the fluxamahertz-o-meter wont synchronize with the fajigglewhichbumper-trigger, causing the fahmahhuggle-motors to malfunction, and we just can't let that fly in our game - Ido, help!
  2. Now we're talking! K'naan - Take a Minute Incredible Somali rapper, both 'The Dusty Foot Philosopher' and 'Troubadour' are two fantasic albums. Born in Mogadishu and having witnessed the civil war, he's got stories to tell, and his words ooze with genuinity and presence. Excerpt from "What's Hardcore" I put a pen to the paper, This time as visual as possible, Guns blast at the hospital, The walls are white washed with tin rooftops, To show love you lick two shots, It's dangerous man, Journalists hire gunmen there's violent women, Kids trust no one cause fire burnt them, Refugees die in boats, headed for peace, Is anyone scared of death here' Not in the least, I walk by the old lady selling coconuts under the tree, Life is cheap here but wisdom is free, The beach boys hang on the side, leaning with pride, Scam artists and gangsters fiendin to fight, I walk with three kids that can't wait to meet God Lately, that's Bucktooth, Mohamed and Crybaby, What they do everyday just to eat lord have mercy, Strapped with an AK and they blood thirsty...
  3. I just realized you can't spell 'Echoes' without 'hoes'! But that's totally unrelated to my small blog post I wrote yesterday. I'll do my best to make them more frequent
  4. Ray Charles - What'd I Say Classic. Great song, tonnes of intensity!
  5. Yeah, I saw that too - good promotion strategy for their song. While you play the game (which was pretty fun, and not complicated at all), you're exposed to the song for some time, and it catches on to you. Nice one!
  6. Oh, right - thanks for the info. But since the other half can, I'll just leave it there. And its a great program, take out your anger on international copyright laws instead. Andrew Bird - Anonanimal He's a musical genius, simple as that. Words cannot describe how much inspiration I've gotten from listening to him. And man, I got goose bumps on my goose bumps after listening to .
  7. Regina Spektor - Genius Next Door Man, am I gonna flood this thread. Great song, from her 2009 album 'Far'. Makes me wish I was better at piano.
  8. Geez - not anymore, apparently. Thanks Paul! edit: Got any more theories?
  9. Oh my, you're right. In my defense, I've never (sort of) played StarCraft. Maybe its the subconscience of the 12-year old in me that's sipping out. Or just an awkward coincidence. Who knows? I should go back to animating now. Hah, no, nice find though. Its Icelandic for - no wait, its more fun if its not revealed yet. It'll be like this big "Ooh, what does it mean?"-thing, and people will come up with theories, and then scour the web, ravaging through dictionaries, trying to find the translation, only to find its greatly disappointing.
  10. Paul's avatar - The Busey Builder. (Gary Busey+body builder) I blame the busey builder tbh, its really creepy Welcome - Sweden rocks, this is why. Haha yea, we're Europe's dongle! Thanks
  11. Wild Axel uses Splash!

  12. I blame the busey builder tbh, its really creepy