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  1. 1: Since when do you decompile maps other people made without even asking? (I know it's their own fault for not protecting them but still it's still fucking annoying) 2: If you're a mapper you should know there are a few ways to do the effect of changing walls and structures.
  2. Btw: i havnt seen anyone mention this. Has anyone noticed that when you have to go ontop of the containers and through the vent to open the door for the SAWT's that when ur in the vent and look through the opening, that they are dead? genious.
  3. i just loved the Condemned Mannequin Scene ! really freaked out when "it happened" to me in condemned, even the second and third time i played it. When it started in NH2 i was like "fuck off i'm not moving anymore" ! Also i loved the "tunnel of ghosts" scene, allthough i would of liked a little hint where to go or what to do. I ran through about 5 times and it scared me everytime. Would of been more effective with some whispering behind you all the time. The only thing i really disliked was the effect where the dead body is getting pulled away behind a corner. It worked the first 2 times, that's it. Way to overused. I am a mapper for several years myself and i know how difficult it is to come up with new and interesting, shocking and possible effects. All in all - A M A Z I N G Can't wait for the next horrorproject. Would like to see something "saw"-based. Some traps that could kill you and some nice scary effects and alot of puzzling
  4. Loved the beginning and the end of the vid <3 Gonna make an announcement on my Steamgroup "CREATE" right now for this awesomeness